Killings of Nigerian Students Abroad

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Notes the alarming increase in the number of Nigerian students being murdered abroad

Worried that our students, in search of education abroad, have become endangered species.

In Ghana 4 Nigerian students have been killed in mysterious circumstances in the last few months. In October, 2013, 15year old Master Austine Chukwuebuka Ogukwe, an SS3 a student of Ideal College Ghana died mysteriously. In November, barely 26 days after Master Ogukwes mysterious death, 2 Nigerian students Eddy and Charles of KNUS Federal University Accra, lost their lives, during an excursion with their school. They claimed they drowned.

Further disturbed that, just two weeks ago, Mr Godwin Ayogu, a 300 level social science student of University of Cape Coast, Central region was brutally killed on 20th February and his lifeless body was found on Campus.

And in Malaysia, Malaysian police killed one Tunde Adelabu from Ekiti State, a student of Lagenda University Nilai, Malaysia. About 80 Nigerians students are currently in danger in Malaysia according to reports with no intervention whatsoever from our embassy in Malaysia, so far.

Further notes that on March 4th, a 17 year old Nigerian girl, Forester Samson, was stabbed multiple times and burnt to death by an unknown group of Russians.

Still disturbed that few weeks ago in Dubai, Toba Falode, 19 year old son of popular sports caster, Aisha Falode died in mysterious circumstances. He was a student of SAE Institute Dubai.

And in South Africa the humiliating video of a Nigerian man stripped naked and beaten publicly by South African Police has made news all over the world.

Our embassies in Ghana, Malaysia, Russia, U.A.E and South Africa to ensure that all these cases are thoroughly investigated to a logical end.

Mandate the House Committees on Diaspora, Human Rights, Justice and Foreign Affairs, to conduct a public hearing on incessant cases of maltreatment of Nigerians abroad and report back to the House within 2 months.