Ebere Wabara: Merchant Of OUK The Expired Drug...

By Franklin James Nwankwo

He describes himself as a Language Expert. Yes, that is not contestable. However, somebody should remind Ebere Wabara what Moliere said about education, intelligence, foolishness and wisdom; that a learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool. Apart from always writing to impress (he hardly makes sense), Ebere appeals to me as the Village Teacher who was reminded by an uneducated commoner that one could still be comprehensively educated, yet; remarkably lacking in wisdom.

Ebere appears to have promised the immediate past KINDERGATTEN Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu that he would help him win the confidence of market women whose collective psyches were debased by his mother, the millions of youths who were impoverished by his wheelbarrow and shovel empowerment tools, thousands of politicians who were wrongly inspired by OUK's deceptive leadership styles, Abia's economy left in an almost irredeemable backward status and the future of children mortgaged by a Governor whose knack for greed, selfishness and self-centeredness underdeveloped Abia. I know by the grace of God that marketing OUK in 21st Nigeria is a terrible mistake.

If Ebere is endowed with productive wisdom, he ought to have known that ORJI UZOR KALU is an expired drug. The least he could do for us is to promote this caveat on OUK, 'If you have a supply of drugs that is old or expired, discard of them safely through your local pharmacy's disposal system or with your doctor's office. Avoid flushing them to avoid potential contamination of the water system'.

I do not know whether to sympathize with Ebere for celebrating foolishness or pity his ignorance. This is what he said about OUK: 'Let me say it for the second time, an aggregation of thousands of these so-called Abia PDP stalwarts and their receding followers cannot have the minutest value (an expired drug has no potency value) of Kalu's heroism (as a pathological liar), invincibility (like Ganiyu Adams), transnational fame (or notoriety?), nationwide popularity (infamousness) and superlative chord (strapless) with fellow Abians and non-Abians. This is the crux of the morbid hatred (disdain is a better word) for Kalu: his diminishing opponents (that exiled him politically) are afraid of his domineering carriage (in Nigeria or Gambia?) and intimidating potentialities (like?) that naturally make his dwindling hypercritics fret (yet they retired him prematurely), submissive and subservient!

Orji Uzor Kalu acquired very insignificant formal education, so he could easily be carried away by Ebere Wabara's use of words. However, no matter how hard you try to wash a pig, it does not change his status. What Ebere does not know is that OUK has long taken a slide to unalterable oblivion. Abians issued him a yellow card at the end of his first tenure in 2003, issued him another yellow after 2007. Two yellow cards translate to a RED CARD. OUK has a permanent NO vote for his eight disaster years in Abia.

At the risk of repeating myself, let me remind Ebere that OUK his paymaster with all his noise about being business minded ceded Enyimba Hotels (with a market value of about N20b) to his friends (the two Maduakos through Aba Chamber of Commerce) at a paltry sum of N12m, denying Aba the life time opportunity of having a five star hotel with all its value chain advantages. OUK's illiteracy got Golden Guinea Breweries and the Umuahia Ceramics Industry entangled in the worst legal/ownership cobweb. The result of that dumb decision is the denial of employment opportunities to thousands of Abians. If a Governor aided the death of industries he inherited and caused the remaining to go moribund, he is obviously valueless. Does Ebere Wabara know that the international (?) business man OUK lived in a rented Government House for the eight years he attempted to wreck the ship called Abia? So, what value is this dumb Ebere Wabara talking about?.

I am still wondering what Ebere means by invincibility. I entered the words OUK and INVINCIBILTY in Google search. The search result was 'do you mean the demystification of OUK the local champion?'. Where is PPA? What happened to REALITY ORGNAIZATION WORLDWIDE? If OUK is truly invincible how come his PPA crumbled like a pack of cards and his clandestine moves to join the PDP thwarted by even political feather weights in his Igbere? Do you still remember the purported issuance of PDP membership card marked 9787945 to OUK? His invincibility is in my mind, a logical construct that exists only in the mind's eye of spin doctors like Ebere Wabara.

I don't know what Ebere means by transnational fame. Ebere needs to be reminded that the average Nigerian nay Abian sees OUK as a crook, an illiterate and a proponent of politics of deception. Unless Ebere has short memory, he should remember how the presence of OUK at the Ekwunife campaign train in Anambra ensured that she had the least votes in an election OUK boasted that if Ekwunife loses, he will believe there is no God. What of the disaster called 'OUK for PRESIDENT 2007'? Does Ebere know that his man's transnational fame meant less than 2% chances in aggregation of nationwide polls?

What Ebere describes as morbid hatred is actually strong disdain for OUK. The reason for this public disdain and monumental disapproval is simple, OUK squandered public goodwill and set Abia on the path of stagnation. The people Ebere described as 'diminishing opponents' are actually the people who have successfully quarantined OUK politically, ensured that he is retired prematurely and consigned to the dustbin of history. At least, the whole world now knows that his purported popularity was a scam, what with his inability to sustain the existence of his PPA. He has shamelessly run from pillar to post, claiming friendship with successive PDP National Leadership. In the final analysis, each refused to admit him.

The story of OUK makes me sick. It gives me goose pimples. It is even worse to imagine that an adult with reasoning faculties could spare time to 'market' an expired drug like OUK.

Abia is merely recovering from the misrule of an illiterate businessman called OUK. There are verifiable conscious efforts to do for Abia in 2014 what OUK's colleague Governors did for their States before 2007. If OUK should serve as performance benchmark for any Government, then that Government is sure courting alienation by the people. Abia is coming on at the moment. I will say with every sense of responsibility that all the years eaten up by the OUK locusts are being restored.

It is shameful to note but the insane truth is that Abia just started building state - of - the art General Hospitals, markets, roads across rural communities, model primary and secondary schools, workers' secretariat, a Government House, Primary Health Centres in all nooks and crannies of the State, model high court buildings, housing estates, agricultural farms, a model library, an event centre, international conference hall, first ever Eye hospital just to mention but a few.

If OUK was reasonable enough to have laid a foundation for the take off of Abia, his name would not have been deleted from Abia history. Ebere Wabara should please stop introducing an expired drug (that's what OUK is) to us. He is going to tell us that the achievements listed above are nothing; that is not too bad to say. The task now is, for every three projects I credit to TAO; I challenge Ebere Wabara to mention just one that OUK did for eight years. I am waiting. Onye ara Ekeoha!

Franklin writes from Enugu, Nigeria

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