Boat Mishap~Lagos PDP commisserates with Victims; Blames Fashola


The Lagos State PDP has commiserated with the families of the victims of the Canoe Boat mishap that occurred within the Amuwo Odofin Local Council Area of the State.

The avoidable mishap wasted the lives of sixteen (16) promising students and residents of the State.

The party has however blamed Governor Fashola for the incidence, stating that the Governor is more interested in over rating its Policies and Agencies than giving actual Service to lagosians.

According to the party, Governor Fashola's high handedness and inadequacy in the implementation of his policies, especially in the area of Transportation is now taking its toll on the lives of Lagosians.

"The hasty ban on safer means of transportation like 'Okada' and the lack of alternative means of Transportation from the Government compelled the victims to use Canoe to get to their destinations. Now in the process they have lost their lives"

The party wonders why the so-called Emergency Agencies of the State and Local Government could not promptly get to the Accident scene. "They tout effectiveness, but now we know that they are just overrated in Service delivery"

The party has consequently demanded compensation for the victims and an immediate provision of alternative and effective means of Transportation in all the areas of the State.