Actresses Sexually Harass, Blackmail Producers To Get Roles—Ken Okafor

Source: Edith Elekwachi/
It is no longer news when we hear actresses, are sexually harassed in the movie industry, most especially, the up and coming ones.

Most producers have come out to debunk such fact in the past and some are stil saying it is not true, and most times, the reverse is the case.

Speaking recently, Nollywood Film-maker, actor, economist, screen writer, Ken Jewel Okafor a big name in Nigerian Movie Industry, and has produced lots of Nigerian movies has claimed the situation as reverse.

He claimed it is natural and human for a producer to find an actress attractive and ask her for a date, when the actress isn't forced to accept, he cant define as sexual harassment.

He added that, most producers are constantly harassed sexually by actresses, but keep numb about it.