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Obeying our own constitution (2)
By Tunde Thompson
Monday , March 15 , 2010
T: What do these people think they are doing, trampling upon our laws with impunity, and at the same time thinking nobody will mind or raise any eyebrow?

D: What do you mean? Who have you seen doing anything unusual? You have to be realistic about these matters, my friend! Itís all about the use of power and position. Do you honestly believe that people who had such large majorities and captured power at the centre will behave like ëmumusí, unsure what to do and how to realize their ambition of staying up there for another 60 years?

T: So you think there is absolutely nothing wrong with any group of people behaving like members of an army of conquest, what the Spanish referred to as ëles conquistadores?

D They have come. They have taken. And they are ruling the way they wish. What is wrong with that reality? You people are always speaking big, big grammar and therefore always caught napping. I tell you your people cannot lay their hands on power in the next century if all you do is run innocent people down, when what they are after is to ensure continuation of rule of the land by those divinely ordained to preside over our affairs at these times.

T: Wonderful! You mean you believe in the divine rule concept? You must have read those history books upside down, or at least forgotten how those in that frame of mind ended up.

D: There we go again, one story after the other. Our concern is that President YaríAdua is recuperating and power must remain in the North till the year 2015, at least. I do not see why you should start having headaches over that. The Governors of 36 States of the federation and our party cannot be wrong, you know! Never!

T: Is that so? Are you proposing a new doctrine, the doctrine of perfection by your side, whatever they do? Donít you remember the proclamation of the National Assembly and the public protests asking that our imprisoned president should stop embarrassing us, by resigning, in the interest of his own safety and life? What makes you think his doing so will prevent his having a befitting State Burial were he to change state now or years later?

D: The matter is more serious than that, my friend. You said last week that action and reaction are equal and opposite, not so? Where is that process of choosing an Acting President or President for the country written? If the legislators proposed and ratified a law like that without presidential assent, does it not remain pending until the president assents? If you clapped over that, why not over our joker that another law you call illegal can come into being?

T: Wait a minute! You seem to have a point there, you know: We said so, to be honest, when the proclamation was announced, that Sections 144 to 146 of the constitution provide the solutions to any lingering power vacuum, and that the legislators need to normalize their decision by procedurally reverting to the appropriate clauses of the constitution for remedial actions.

D: There you are! One wrong step can be followed by another false one, not so? Every medicine has its antidote; every law its neutralizer: Thatís what makes it possible for lawyers to feed, donít you know? Itís a matter of convenience which side of your coin (where are the coins, anyway?) or currency, you show to your client. All that matters is to conclude the transaction. So I do not see why you cannot see that the proclamation could be neutralized by what the PDP and Governors resolved a fortnight ago. You ought to know that those of us in the power school of politics engage in high- powered strategic calculations, always ready to take our opponents by surprise

T: Like generals at war, not so? Was that why you started the ëdo ñ or ñ dieí movement in 2007, and why the tribunals and courts have up till now not finished determining who won or lost legitimately at the various polling centres? Are you suggesting that what the governors and your most subjective leaders say should become the law?

D: Good question! We believe in the independence of the Judiciary, and am afraid you have to direct that question to the CJ. It has nothing to do with us, because we did not dare fix calendars for the tribunals and courts of law. And talking about movements, where were your people when the do-or-die order was given? You have to be more serious or business-like about matters of State involving the control of power. All this your ëmedicine after deathí approach simply wonít do; at least not this time around.

T: Is that why you have managed the public relations aspect of President Yar ëAduaís illness so badly? Do you have to subject Nigeria further to the ridicule of being ruled by a sick man? Why are you being so obdurate about blocking and cramping Jonathan from exercising full presidential powers? Or do your strategic calculations not include preventing individuals from feeding off the State or cheating the people by collecting monies and benefits, for services not rendered? Can you tell the world how many pounds and dollars of our countryís money you people have spent so far on President Yarí Adua? Donít you think this deception must stop now, or will you prefer having it stopped?

D: No Jupiter can stop anything that we wish continued. The man is recuperating, that is the truth. Sooner than later, he will bounce back.

T: Even If he bounces back, at what pace or speed will he handle his official chores, knowing that the bulk of his electioneering campaign was handled for him by OBJ, even when he was in the country.

Had you not seen pictures of American and Israeli leaders whenever they were indisposed, even after assassination attempts? Why are you people being forever so secretive, hiding the president from us and even sneaking him into the country? What makes you think what his kitchen cabinet is doing is right?

D: I do not speak for them, only the power school, which reflects Machiavelliís principle that the end justifies the means in its actions.

T: Why canít you get the man to resign, to go and start relaxing in his fatherís house, or his private residence?

D: Look, you are failing to get my point. It is not in the interest of the North for him to resign, pure and simple .

T: Thereís nothing pure about that attitude, on a serious constitutional issue like this. Let me remind you that the absence of truth and the iniquities of your people as well as your sins have, as in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 59 on Sin and Redemption, have built barriers between you and your God, and your sins have made Him hide (His) face from you, so that He does not listen . That is why Nigeria is not moving forward – the truth is far from you and you are turning God away from us with your false and undemocratic ways. You have made truth a casualty here!

D: See me, see trouble! So you are now a preacher; you have joined Tunde Bakare; Wole Soyinka and Femi Falana them. Let us see how far your verbal missiles will carry you!

Nobody admits any error! The die is cast!! Lord, have mercy!!!