Official Statement On Peace, Sustainable Democracy And Humanitarian Challenges

By Abraham's Children Foundation

Abraham's Children Foundation is saddle with the responsibility of promoting peace in communities of nations. It is base on this corporate social obligation that we make this official statement:

The International Diplomatic community led by the United States and European Union should point out to Leadership of Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin the following oversights over Russian intervention in Ukraine and the plan un-democratic referendum for Crimea now guarded by Russian Army:

1. Better example of respect for the rights of the majority of citizens of Ukraine is expected from a democratic Russian Federation by all ethnic nationalities of Ukraine and the International Community.

2. Russian Democratic Leadership under Vladimir Putin should not copy the old Communist style of diplomacy and intervention in Common Wealth of Independent States of former Soviet Union that was abandon by late President Boris Yelsin.

3. Russia as a democratic nation should abide by the democratic ideal that state: 'That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments is instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." Abraham Lincoln explains this statement further as thus: 'the just powers of governments are derived from the consent of the governed Allow ALL the governed an equal voice in the government, and that only, is self-government. I insist, that if there is ANY THING which it is the duty of the WHOLE PEOPLE to never entrust to any hands but their own, that thing is the preservation and perpetuity, of their own liberties, and institutions. If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution-certainly would if such a right were a vital one. But such is not our case. All the vital rights of minorities and of individuals are so plainly assured to them by affirmations and negations, guarantees and prohibitions, in the Constitution, that controversies never arise concerning them.'

4. Russian Democratic Leadership plan to end Ukraine crisis in line with International Law must take into consideration the following: The oversight pointed out above on democratic equal rights of all Ukraine of all nationalities to be respected by Russian Democratic leadership in line with the national constitution of Ukraine. Russian businessmen interest in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and the North America. These business men have the powers to bring about an un-democratic change of government in Russia if their business interest around the world is not protected. Events similar to annexation that led to Second World War, the gulf war and their humanitarian consequences. All humans or Homo-sapiens species of all nationalities have common origin either by creation or evolution. These make global members of human family of all nations only equal and united irrespective of their race, creed or gender. Wisdom to understand that all ethnic nationalities of humankind has common origin which make us brothers and sisters, will put an end to all conflicts, crisis, Wars and the development of weapons of mass human destruction.

The diplomatic crisis in Ukraine is a great source of concern to Abraham's Children Foundation with respect to the future of Democracy in Ukraine and global peace. The foundation is understudying the outcome of diplomatic window of dialogue over Russian concern and the democratic wish of the majority in Ukraine. The foundation's interest is global peace and the survival of democratic principle which guarantee that all humans of all nationalities (Russian and Non-Russian Ukrainian) are created equal with certain alienable rights that cannot be forceful taken by threat of fire storm or nuclear weapon' In the spirit of Late President Boris Yelsin and his believe that the global prosperity of all Russians and peace on earth depend on mutual respect and cooperation between Russians and citizens of western world.

The usual stalemate experience in democratic nations set-up in which Russia under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin had experience should guide Russian leadership in cooperating with President Barack Obama and European Leaders in helping to unite all citizenships of Ukraine and guide them on the path of civilized democratic process that take into consideration Russian national security interest. We will not support any undemocratic system of intervention or interference in Ukraine that will fuel new crisis of ethnic nationalities in developing nations like Nigeria, whereby ethnic nationalities with superior fire power will suppress the democratic rights of leadership of the nation by other nationalities. No matter what President Vladimir Putin does Russians hardliners will see him as friend and partner of western world through whom Russia will continue to prosper. We believe that International Community explanation on modern democracy practice will help the current Russian leadership see the oversight in their action in Ukraine which they can correct before it is copy in other nations with similar situation that will incapacitate Russian intervention due to example set in Ukraine.

The International Diplomatic community has the responsibility to point out to People Republic of China and Leadership of Sudan that conflict in Dafur region and its enormous humanitarian consequences can come to an end through: Sincere dialogue between the Leadership of Sudan and the armed group of Darfur. Sincere democratic reform that will see to the exit from power by the current Leadership of Sudan has great prospect to end the arm conflict in Dafur region. Involvement of China in the Peace-making and peace-building effort in Sudan Dafur region.

It is Abraham's Children Foundation believe that the Political Leadership of China has a great role to bring peace to Dafur and end the humanitarian crisis there.

The International Diplomatic community should point out to Leadership of South Sudan that corruption guided by poor post-independent leadership is behind the struggle for political power and the humanitarian crisis it has now generated for the international community. A Nelson Mandela style of self-less leadership is lacking in South Sudan. It is Abraham's Children Foundation opinion that until such a leader (like Nelson Mandela) is democratically elected to power in South Sudan, the humanitarian crisis and cost of peace keeping by funded by United Nations will continue to escalate. We call on the International Criminal Court to look into all cases of crime against humanity committed by political rivals in the leadership of South Sudan

The International Diplomatic community knows that President Vladimir Putin of Russia can end the conflict in Syria. The President of Russian Federation has the diplomatic powers and military strength as demonstrated in Crimea to prevail on the President of Syria to resign for a united democratic free and fair election to be conducted for all citizens of Syria to vote for their new leader. Russian Federation inability to positively act in the interest of peace and eventual end to humanitarian crisis in Syria will result in thus: A bad international image for Democratic government of Russian Federation Show the insensitivity of Russian Leadership to the rising humanitarian crisis in Syria due to a prolong period of a leader in office and sensitivity of Russian Federation to Ukraine leader successfully removed from office peacefully. The world can now see that what Russians cannot constitutionally tolerate at home is protected by the democratic government of Russian under President Vladimir Putin in Syria.

Abraham's Children Foundation believe that Russian Democratic Leadership sensitivity to diplomatic request for an end to Syrian war through the resignation of the current government of Syria will make all citizens of Syria closer to Russia

than the Western world. Putting an end to the humanitarian crisis in Syria is more important to all citizens of Syria and humanitarian organizations than anything else.

The International Diplomatic community should prevail on the Leadership of Central African Republic of Congo to employ external service of un-biased, peace-promoting religious scholars among Christians and Muslims whose job is to enlighten the nation's religious clerics on un-voiced portion of the Book (Bible) and Balance of the Book (Quran) that promote peace. Peace building service provided by these external religious scholars will help to: Reduce violence associated with religion and politics Reduce number of recruitment by the current armed militias in the nation Reduce humanitarian crisis and deaths associated with the crisis Encourage inter-religious peace-making and peace-building in the nation

Abraham's Children Foundation Peace and Conflict Resolution unit is ready to give the needed technical support to government of Central African Republic to end the religious related political conflict in the nation.

Violence against peaceful Muslims in Myanmar by other citizens and state institutions is a serious crime against humanity. Absence of religious freedoms for Law abiding Muslims in Myanmar discourage national unity and development of programs by NGO's that can help resolve ethnic, inter-communal, and state-citizen conflicts. The International Diplomatic community should point out to Leadership of Myanmar thus: Myanmar's democratic reform, economic development, and peacemaking progress should be gear towards protecting the interest of Muslims minority rights constitutionally and legally. Right to freedom of religion and worship for Muslims should be equal to that given to Buddhist.

Myanmar Democratic leadership and Buddhist religious leaders should support peaceful transition of the nation from terror of military regime to freedom and equal rights given to all citizens of the nation irrespective of their creed. International Criminal court should be mandated by the International Community to monitor Myanmar's Democratic Leadership and citizen's compliance in eliminating all abuses of the religious rights of Muslims. This proactive international mechanism will help advance social norms and support peaceful coexistence and tolerance. Public relations of Myanmar's government officials and ethnic nationality leaders should be geared towards increasing awareness and fostering accountability between citizens and state and to raise awareness on ethnic identity and peacemaking issues.

Victor Dorawa Koreyo
Executive Director
Abraham's Children Foundation/Abraham's Children International

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