Challenges Of Life (Part 2)

Challenges of life call for re-dedication, rediscovery and retreating to your source; who must be the maker and keeper of all things – Jehovah. He was there before the challenge came, He is there now you're going through it, and will also be there after the whole storm. They call Him the unchanging changer. He can change all situations, but nothing can change Him. He is the almighty and everlasting! Every challenge in this life is just an opportunity to return back to Him for His opinion and help. Yes, great, powerful and wise men will always return back to the greatest, the most powerful and the wisest. True!

King Jehoshaphat understood and has been practicing this. So in this situation, without a second thought, he ran to the presence of the God of Israel for help. Yes, he was afraid. Yes, the enemies and their strategies were overwhelming, but he first ran to God; who will always have the final say in every situation. Now, where do you go when you face challenges in life? Where do you seek for help? Who comes to your mind and equation first?? Is it your connections and contacts? Or your money and position? What? Even as you are going through that situation, where is your trust? If you are looking up to any other means than the Almighty, surely, you will be disappointed. But if your trust is in Him and you are willing to run to Him right now for help, then, I can assure you of absolute and resounding victory. Praise God!

Jehoshaphat and Judah ran to that indefatigable and tested warrior. Read, “Jehoshaphat was alarmed by this news and sought the LORD for guidance. He also ordered that everyone throughout Judah should observe a fast. So people from all the towns of Judah came to Jerusalem to seek the LORD.” 2 Chronicles 20:3-4. He called every to the presence of God and declared a fast. Yes, there are different instruments to dismantle satanic opposition and strongholds and fasting is one of them. It is very powerful and effective, especially if it is being observed by a righteous person.

Hope you got that clearly. If you are a sinner or somebody who does not have respect for God, you don't need to fast except it is for repentance and divine forgiveness. When you have refused God and start fasting for His intervention because you now found you in a trouble, you would be fooling yourself, because He has said that the prayer (including fasting) of a sinner makes Him angry. True! Start today with prayer of genuine repentance, after that, you can seek His intervention. Hope you understand this.

Jehoshaphat has been God's friend before now and that gave him the boldness and spiritual ground to embark on that short fast that brought on of the greatest results in history. Have you been a friend of God or are you waiting to run into some trouble then you start 'collecting' prayer and fast from everywhere? Some even go to forbidden places at such trying times. You can read more on fasting, prayer and other powerful divine weapons from my book Power of Midnight Prayer. God honors those that honor Him. Now, begin a three day fast from today. God has come to intervene in your case. You are going to see His mighty hands. I believe this is why you are coming in contact with this message. We will continue next week, God bless!

Rev Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria. Tel: 08037113283. E-mail: [email protected]

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