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Exposed! Senator Ogunwale hunchback killing for money rituals


Life they say is sacred, but one would be griped with shock over the misty circumstances that led to the death of a lady with medical/physical challenge simply known as hunchback, Taibatu Oseni, aged 22. She was hurriedly dispatched to her

early shallow grave for no other crime than being a hunchback; her death has been described to be for ritual purposes. Until her untimely death she resided in Iragbiji in Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State.

It was gathered that, the hunchback was whisked away by some men to an abandoned property belonging to Senator Felix Ogunwale, former Peoples Democratic Party Governorship aspirant, who later defected to Action Congress (AC) in Iragbiji, Boripe Local Government Council Area of Osun State, before she was murdered and the hunch removed.

Besides, the owner of the abandoned property, Senator Ogunwale as a result of this ugly incident was said to have driven himself to the state police command in Osogbo, with a view to clearing his name from the dastardly act committed by some begotten sons of devil and probably making himself available for police investigation. But the whole episode turned against him as police detained him after acting on a tip off that he masterminded the killing to enhance his popularity and wealth.

However, Mr. Clement Akinola, Osun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident. The Police claimed they are still investigating and searching for the killers, Mosudi Abisoye a.k.a Kompo who was reported to have sent the killers to capture the hunchback, for ritual purposes. Already 3 people have been arrested, while the corpse of the woman is yet to be recovered. The hunch of the deceased which was found in possession of the killers, have been taken to Ladoke Akintola Teaching Hospital, Osogbo for preservation. The hunch was dumped according to Clement Akintola, in the abandoned building of an AC chieftain and ex-Senator, Senator Felix Ogunwale. Police reports claimed that Taibat Oseni was kidnapped and murdered in cold blood at 10:33pm on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, from her house by the killers.

Investigations conducted by showed that the murder was done in Sen. Ogunwale's house, and that the hunchback was leaving 3 buildings away from his present abode, apart from that one of the ring leaders in the gruesome murder was said to be much known to him personally even for political gains. Although he has tried to defend himself in these allegations, saying it was the work of his political detractors.

Hear him: ''I don't have any other reason. The gate of my abandoned house has been broken, it has fallen down. I f the vigilante ran after them killers, and there is no gate and its an abandoned house, then it figures that people can run into it or ru through it. They captured the hunchback who lives 3 houses to my present abode, and took and took the person to another house of mine, it's rather suggestive. But the PDP LG Secretariat had taken over the house.''

Meanwhile the leadership of PDP in the state have not in anyway favored this embattled Senator, they claimed that he has always been known to be fetish, diabolic and an ardent ritualist. The party submitted that he may want to wield to himself some supernatural powers to make him more prominent in politics, now that he has just defected to the opposition party in the State Action Congress (AC) after abandoning the party that gave him all the political prominence he has ever enjoyed all his life.

Moreover, some have queried the source of wealth of the Osun politician, Sen. Ogunwale, especially the first money he made, and that he just dominated the business world in a jiffy. The Senator said: ''If these people are anything to go by, between 1975 and 1985, they will know I was lucky to have made money in those early years. My wealth was subject of newspapers and magazines. There was no hide or seek to it. I have nothing to hide and seek to it since 1975 God has really favored me I am immensely blessed. In 1975, I won a contract worth 30 million naira back then and that was no joke. I was subjected to probe in 1985 and wasn't found wanting. So if they think they want to know, I will present the papers. I was just 25 years when I made my first money; I built a big hospital at Aguda Surulere, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, was the one who commissioned it. I have been consistently wealthy and I thank God. I don't know the money I will get from hunchback, I am a philanthropist. Check my records, do you know how much I spend, daily, monthly even yearly on humanitarian projects. Do you know how much I have spent on PDP?''

Speaking further on the matter Senator Ogunwale said to be mixing up politics with criminal act cases is dangerous to the polity: ''People want Power by all means. People don't care if any other is killed to get power. Such anomalies should be checked. I am of the opinion that in Osun State, I command some control of the electorate and it is a threat to people who wants to be in power at all cost and by all means. They force people to agree that they should accept their leadership willingly. One day, God will deliver the people.'' Ogunwale lamented.

Further checks by from traditionalists have it that in some parts of the country (Nigeria) hunchbacks are used for purification rites, to cleanse a community and make it peaceful, while albinos are used for fame and powers. Also hunchbacks are used for first time money making rituals, and dwarfs are used for rituals to attain political position. Meanwhile since the death of Taibat Oseni, Osun State has known no peace over this murder scandal slammed on Senator Felix Adewale as members of Action Congress and Peoples' Democratic Party engage themselves in war of word.

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