By Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann

The Eye of Infancy Fears Painted Devils
Every silent on-looker is either a traitor or a coward. The debt we all owe Nigeria is to love her and to wish her well. I have always lived by three cardinal codes viz, HONOR YOUR GOD, RESPECT HUMANITY AND DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY. When I left Europe to Africa to support my brother and Comrade Hon Tony Nwoye in his quest to liberate Anambra State last year in an election in which the INEC carelessly bundled with reckless abandon, I came with that same Love and zeal that we are the change we seek in our Society today and if we desire a genuine change in this country, that we should all take positive actions geared towards national reconstruction. As should be expected, the Vampires that benefits from sucking the blood of juvenile Nigeria sent us packing back to Europe and as my flight touched down at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, I wept for Nigeria

I was however relieved when the National Conference was announced and I thought that with such a Forum in place, we can at least come together to discuss the future of Nigeria starting with acknowledging our differences and being honest with the understanding that even though we came from divergent Socio-Religious cultures that we can make this dream come true and that we are and still remains Citizens of the United Ethnic Groups of Nigeria.

But unfortunately, I have started seeing the symptoms of catastrophe and insincerity towards this Conference. The same symptoms I saw on the frontline just before INEC bundled Anambra State Election and ran away, deserting us to lick our wounds. If were are really sincere with ourselves, we should have noticed the loopholes in the nominee list being circulated in Abuja. Names which I can confidently swear were smuggled in behind the back of the Presidency by highly placed INTEREST Groups aimed at bundling this conference the same way they bundled ANAMBRA ELECTION.

This brings us to the questions of what these names forgot in Abuja that they want to retrieve. Most of the names in the first list were actually the real architects of Nigerian Problem. They are being recycled again to continue their Job of destruction. Some of them have seen many winters that they can't even walk. All of them are older than Nigeria. If they can't fix the country since 1960, then what is their business at this year Conference?

What happened to the report of the last National Conference held in 2005 tagged NIGERIAS LAST HOPE? You cannot have a transformation agenda without having an idea about where you are heading to, You cannot run a nation without a sense of memory, so I ask again, WHERE IS THE REPORT OF THE 2005 NATIONAL CONFERENCE?. Some of the names I saw are people I knew or have had the pleasure of meeting and I can confidently tell you that 50% on that list are just going to the conference for the money they will make and nothing else. Most doesn't even have a clear cut agenda of what they should suggest save only the CSO

The greatest tragedy and anathema to the Conference may not be the recycled old bones going for a Tea party, not even the importation and smuggling-in of funny names that have no business attending the Conference in the first place, not even the Warlords or the Interest groups in Abuja. The greatest tragedy of them all is this Old wine in a new bottle called All peoples Congress (APC).This is the worst Opposition I have ever seen in the 21st Century. They refused to send delegates to this Conference to reconstruct Nigeria. They are so selfish that they think only about themselves and their pockets, sucking the blood of gullible Nigerians with a promise immersed in a Pandora Box. Everything the Government does is Wrong, even the air the Presidency breaths is wrong, not even a single acknowledgement of a positive step taken by the Presidency to move the Nations Forward. This is not the way to run an opposition in this Jet age. This is STONE AGE OPPOSSITION.Even God once called Evil Nebuchadnezzar 'My servant'.APC opposition to this Conference is Evil and does not mean well for Nigerians especially when it is a well-known fact that 80% of these latter day praise singers in APC are Political Harlots that fled away from PDP.So in the real sense of the word, what can these guys offer. God will build us a bridge over their troubled water. AMEN

There are people who have contributed immensely towards Constitutional Reforms, and Electoral reforms Campaigns in Nigeria since the last couple of years. People with a wealth of Knowledge that were edged out of the list. Where is the name of Samson Itodo, a Man who even the CSO will acknowledge to have contributed in a very great way towards national reconstruction and identity. What happened to him and others?

Now coming to the list of the delegates of the National Association of Nigeria Students(NANS).By virtue of the Celestial Constitution of NANS and the oaths I have taken as a former National Officer of NANS and a Life member of NANS to always seek the truth, to preach the truth and to preserve the truth in order to restore the Dignity of NANS,I make bold to say that the NANS list is fundamentally flawedI hold no grudges with the members that made the list and I have no doubt that they will represent NANS well but I have a point of Order on the way the list was composed, designed to insult the generality of Nigerian students and to create conflict between the present NANS Leaders and their Elders.

How on Earth can the Presidency give just six slots to NANS while giving more slots to some interest groups most of whom are not even educated? How on earth can the Presidency publish names of NANS DELEGATES most of whom have graduated?. Where was this conflict loving boy parading himself as the Minister of Education, what's that his name, yes Hon Wike, when the NANS List was being drawn, perhaps in Port-Harcourt. For the avoidance of doubt, if NLC and TUC can both be offered 12 slots each, NANS also deserves 12 slots.You cannot rob Peter to pay Paul and please someone should tell WIKE or whosoever that supervised NANS list that he should not play Monkey tricks with bush Pidgeons.You cannot create a problem between the Young NANS and the their Mentors. It is very simple, 6 slots for young NANS and 6 slots for NANS Elders period. In such a way, people like Comrade Tony Nwoye, Comrade Daniel Onjeh, Comrade Orkuma Hembe, Comrade Wale Badmus, Comrade Femi Osabinu, Comrade Musa Alechenu, Comrade Anderson Ezeibe, Comrade Philip Shuaibu, Comrade Segun Olayele (Radical brother) etc will be included to guide the young NANS and make positive contributions, not criss-crossing the names together to create internal problems in NANS.

While we await the Presidency to correct this fundamental anomaly, as a Life member of NANS, I give my blessings to the following NANS delegates that were published for now:

1. Yinka Gbadebo, GCNS

2. Sylvester Okoh

3. Abdullahi Ali-Kano

4. Chinonso Obasi

5. Clifford Abur

6. Olayinka Dada (JP)

I wish you and others going to the conference God speed and Goodluck to you all and remember that to whom much is given to, much is therefore expected from

I rest my case
Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann (B.Pharm,MPH,MPSN,MFIP,JP)

7th of March, 2014Stockholm, Sweden

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