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Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

Sammy Muraya aka Dj Mo who is a popular Dj in Kenya has come at actors in the Nigerian movie industry by saying they will “NEVER WIN AN OSCAR” in a meme i was able to get via Ghafla. This comes following Lupita Nyong'o winning in the category for Best Supporting Actress at the 2013 Academy Awards “Oscars” held on Sunday.

The meme reportedly shared by Dj Mo, features a picture still from a Nollywood home video which has obviously got issues with casting as two grown folks dressed in school uniforms are taken to school (high school o suppose) by their mother.

While this attempt to ridicule the movies coming out of Nigeria might seem quite funny on one level and actually does have a valid point with regards to casting, it also goes to show that Muraya watches a lot of low budget/straight to VCD Nigerian movies instead of the real good movies.

Check out the meme below and let's know if you also believe a Nigerian actor will never win the Academy Awards (Oscars)