Kalabari Socio-Political Elitist Group, Kalika Assembly Formally Joins Kalabari Unity Forum (KUF)

To Sustain Quest For Kalabari Governor In R/S
By Anderson Hart

Renowned socio-political elitist group of the Kalabari ethnic nationality of Rivers state, Kalika Assembly has been formally admitted as a member of the Kalabari Unity Forum, KUF in its sustained quest to enthrone a Kalabari Governor come 2015.

This was made known when a strong delegation, comprising of notable kalabari elites, opinion leaders and respected political office holders across the three Kalabari speaking Local Government Areas of Rivers State and beyond paid a courtesy call on the Founder and leader of KUF, Amb. Gen. Sobomabo jackrich at his palatial Usokun residence in Degema LGA of Rivers state.

In his remark the leader of the group, Lolo Tamunoemi Ibieneye described the admission as historical and a giant leap to the next level on the struggle to have a Kalabari indigene as Governor of Rivers state come 2015. “Today Kalabari Unity Forum now has Kalaika Assembly members as its members, KUF is a group we admire greatly because they have done tremendously well in mobilizing the masses at the grassroot” he said..

According to him Kalika Assembly is a socio-political group basically concerned with the elitists, high and mighty Kalabaris in society living in Nigeria and Diaspora. He however acknowledged that the core elitist focus of the group has greatly eroded its influence at the grassroot, hence he said the need to join KUF, believing that the new found synergy of working under KUF who are masters of grassroot will open up new vistas of opportunity and impetus that will be of great advantage to achieving the Kalabari cause for Governor 2015.

“The objective is to mobilize individuals of Kalabari extract to come out and vie for the elusive office of the governor, we know we cannot do it alone as a group, that was why we had to infuse ourselves into Kalabari Unity Forum, KUF, and the likes of Network for the Defense of Democracy and Good Governance, NDDGG to achieve our dream. Kalabari have been relegated to the back bench for so long, we have been kingmakers and had played key roles in installing and making sacrifices for others the state. We are seeking the support of other ethnic groups in the state and urging all Kalabari sons and daughters to come out en masse to support this cause that will enable us take our proper place in the comity of ethnic groups in the state' he stressed.

The kalaika Assembly leader commended the founder and leader of KUF, Amb. Sobomabo Jackrich whom he said has plunged both human and material resources to give the Kalabari cause the prominence it deserves, a project he said the KUF leader started even before the present political situation in the state began to rear its ugly head.

Speaking about strategy he said, “Our strategy is devoid of violence, anchored on peace and the resolve of a people - our strength and conviction lies in the fact that the KUF group are younger vibrant with membership covering the entire Kalabari LGA's and the other 20 LGA's in the state, while we are elitist, prominent, known in political circles and opinion leaders poised to galvanize efforts in achieving our objective through mobilizing support at our level and others” he said.

Addressing the large delegation, Founder and Leader of Kalabari Unity Forum, Amb. Sobomabo Jackrich, who is also the Director General of Network for the Defense of Democracy and Good Governance, NDDGG said he was excited at the entry of Kalika Assembly into the fold of Kengema unity Forum which has turned out a socio-cultural Kalabari organisation that provides a rallying point for the attainment of a kalabari governor come 2015.

He decried the fallen quality of leadership and service delivery in Rivers state saying all hands must be on deck to change that and also to have a Kalabari Governor in the next dispensation that can provide a truly democratic and people oriented leadership. According to him the Kalabaris have paid their dues in enthroning far reaching legacies in the state, adding that it is only germane that they are peacefully entrusted with the opportunity to mount the saddle of leadership this time. “We have started talking to other ethnic groups while mobilizing our people in all fronts to join the struggle, the entry of Kalika Assembly to us is not just a welcome development but another plus for the peaceful agitation” he was quoted as saying.

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