Ministerial Position : Urhobo Political Leaders Ask President Jonathan to Reject Dr Steve Oru


Political leaders from the Urhobo Ethnic group from Delta State has urged

President Goodluck Jonathan to distance himself from Dr. Steve Oru as a

Ministerial nominee from Delta State if the President has any intention to

re-run in 2015.
Rising from a crucial meeting in Delta State , the Ugheli Political Forum

within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has call on President to

Jonathan to declare for the Presidency in 2015 but warned that such move

should not be accompanied by the appointment of Dr. Steve Oru as a

Minister from Delta State.
According the group , if and when ” character like Oru who is the

incumbent National Vice Chairman ,South South of the PDP is made

minister , it will amount to minus to the Administration of President

Jonathan in terms of quality representation , Political representation

amongst others.
“Dr Steve Oru bribed the Delta State Chairman of PDP Barr. Peter Nwaboshi

with the sum of N2.5 Million to inaugurate a parallel Ward Executive

Committee in six wards of Delta State. This led to pysical assault and

Stabbing of Delta State Commissioner of Finance, Proff. Patrick

Oru who was the erstwhile Deputy National Secretary of the PDP was also

accuse of lacking in credibility, Honesty and “is of no political

relevance in his area with record failure to win his electoral word or

Unit for the PDP”
Apart from legal issues which Oru is said to be battling with at the

court, some or which are bordering on corruption is a known for his anti-

part activities which he ma repeat in 2015 if necessary steps are not

“We are however compelled with a deep sense of responsibility to state

emphatically that even though the Urhobo nation desires to be in the

mainstream of national politics, it will not allow a man with a battered

reputation be recomended to you as Minister of the Federal Repubublic of

We sincerely believe that at a time like this when the stakes are very

high and moments very critical, a Dr Steve Oru is the least qualified man

to be in your Cabinent to represent Urhobo nation and Delta State.

“Mr President Sir, it is on the above verifiable reasons and others which

we may not disclose in the media that Dr Steve Oru should not be made

Minister from Delta; the Position of a Minister requires a bridge builder

and not one that will destroy existing structures”