After series of postponement of the “DECISION MAKING” day for LAUTECH Students, the SUG election has finally been scheduled to hold on March 4, 2014 (God protect us all till then); the day has been scheduled for the generality of the student populace to elect those who will steer the affairs/wheel of leadership of the Students Union Government for 2013/2014 academic session.

Replicating the scene of a national election, contestants have since rolled out their tom-tom drums, danced round the school premises with colourful customized shirts; nooks and corners of this our immediate community awash with posters, fliers and banners of aspirants; bearing their photographs, various campaign inscriptions and organs. There is no doubt that this forthcoming SUG Election will be one like no other.

Campaigns so far have been competitive based on numbers of supporters of each of the contestants, more-so the contestants for the post of President. Rallies upon rallies have been held, mass publicities we've all witnessed, with friends, level and departmental mates being mobilized. With what we've all witnessed so far, it is very obvious that irrespective of weakness and indistinctness, there are two strong candidates contesting for the post of President; in the person of Oke Oluwaseun, DR. YOUNG and Areo Ajibola, AREXZIE, though others cannot be said to be Push overs.

The campaigns of both have been so pleasing; one that flashed through my mind now was that which was held on a glorious Thursday noon, when AREXZIE mobilized the students of his Faculty (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; the most populous faculty in LAUTECH). They danced round the school premises, in beautiful and colourful customized T-Shirts, with his (AREXZIE) picture boldly meshed in front of their Shirts and each of their Nicknames inscribed at the back of the Shirts. They stormed everywhere and took many a surprise (this writer inclusive); I couldn't believe my eyes to see such crowd on a campaign train for just a candidate.

Lo and behold, days after that rally witnessed another mass publicity, it was on a Monday morning, this time around led by another leading candidate, DR. YOUNG; he also mobilized the students of his Faculty, more-so the wonderfully and beautifully created damsels of Faculty of Management Sciences; they danced round the school premises, halted free movement of the students- caused pedestrians logjam because the students couldn't confine their eyes from keen-sighting beautiful ladies dancing, flaunting their good curves and bends with UKWUs in different shapes and sizes. Who would see queens dance and not wait to have a good sighting and sampling!

It has since then become the battle of Faculty- population and numbers. I've listened to them both speak; AREXZIE is such a good orator/speaker, intellectually sound and well outspoken. DR. YOUNG, a well-reserved young man with sound mind, and an Omoluabi per-excellence; once served as the Financial Secretary of the Union, also contested for this same post of President during the last election but came third position in the race (pulled 125 votes). He has been in the system for long, so he's got the wealth of experience.

Other candidates contesting for the coveted Presidential seat of the Union have also been going from classes to lecture halls to canvass for support and votes. Idogbe Adewale, EMPEROR- a good speaker/orator also; though seems unpopular in the race but his supporters believe he's eminently qualified to lead the students' populace. Egunyomi Olusola, ELERE- he also contested for the post of President in the last election; pulled only 30 votes. The last man standing in the race is Lawal Kehinde, ABILITY (the Pledging Man)- he contested for the post of Financial Secretary in the last election, came third position in the race pulling 645 votes; not too much is known about him but his followers also believe he would pull a surprise in the election proper.

Who then does the cap fits? Who wears the cap better? Who will be the next Chief Tenant of Kudirat Abiola Building- Student Union Building? Who's got the Charisma and probable leadership quality to lead the students? Who shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of those who will steer the affairs of the students for the 2013/2014 academic session? Who shall Head the Union and be the Chairman of the next Central Executive Council? Who? Who?? Who??? Questions not meant to be answered only by this writer but by the students, come Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

It is now left to your hands O Ye Ladokites; left for you all to make a good judgment in voting; vote for a leader who will inject back life into our hitherto castrated Union. Vote wisely, for the glory and image of an institution lie in the ability of the leader to defend its members from all sorts of aggression against fundamental human rights; the ability of the leader to fight for the enhancement of the social and academic welfare of the students in the institution, and more so, his ability to propagate its domestic and national image in a such a way that any student of the institution can always walk tall in pride anywhere he goes.

To some of us, the President is not more than the head of the Executive Council. But, he is more than this. He is a manager of people's (students) affairs, an administration, the first among equals and most importantly a servant of his people. Therefore, for someone to hold such an intricate and enviable post he must possess some qualities- Ability to analyze and identify the problems facing his people (students) and to provide solutions of a permanent nature.

He must have a liking for his people (students), must have a will and drive to achieve some goals; must have convictions of mind; must be loyal to the course of his people (students); must be purposeful and tolerant; must consider and place the interest of his fellow students above personal and selfish ends; and above all must possess the technical know-how in managing all resources including human beings in the best way possible. In managing the affairs of his people, he must be able to organize and direct, control and co-ordinate the activities of his people (students).

Brethren and Sistren, what our Union need now is leadership with a level head, one that will lift our eyes to a new horizon and inject confidence back into our Union- leadership with a calm disposition that makes for sober reflections and good judgment. I therefore enjoin you all to cast your votes for a candidate who you think is diplomatic, capable, and has got the strong will-power to resist temptation and intimidation from any quarter. Your Vote is Your Power; Vote Wisely!

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMI'NIGERIA, PRO, Union of Campus Journalists, & All-Nigeria United Nations Students and Youth Association, LAUTECH. (United Nations Student Ambassador for Peace). [email protected], @TomiNigeria, 08032434218, 2AF2EB9D.

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