All Of Me by John Legend #MyReview

By Greg Ighodaro

All Of Me by John Legend's effortless sounding vocals. Simple, straight forward love ballad lyrics. Stripped down piano accompaniment through much of the record.

"All Of Me" was co-written by John Legend and veteran pop songwriter Toby Gad. The words are relatively standard love song content. They express potential behavior issues in a relationship. "all of me loves all of you." Two notable segments of the lyrics are likely to bring smiles and nods of recognition from many listeners as John Legend sings, "Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections," and he then follows it later with, "You're my downfall, you're my muse, my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues." WOW

He injects energy into it. He pushes into the upper vocal register in effortless fashion. Strings were injected into the mix and it makes "All Of Me" a simple, classic, romantic love ballad. The song can be easily enjoyed by anyone who is captivated by their partner in a love relationship, on in which, "all of me loves all of you."

In addition, there is a Nigerian voice of the song but i expected a change of lyrics by "Kolasoul"..........