Expert warns Nigerians against noise pollution

By The Citizen
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Dr Olawale Ogundiran, an ear,  nose and throat specialist, said on Friday that  more Nigerians were being exposed to hearing complications due to noise pollution.

Ogundiran, an audiologist at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology  Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

'With industrialisation and increase in noise pollution from vehicles and worship centers, the average Nigerian requires regular check up.

'Hearing defects may not just manifest in a day, but day by day, the ear drums are threatened by unregulated noise,' Ogundiran said.

The audiologist said cases of noise induced hearing loss were on the increase, attributing this to late appearance of victims  to medical examination.

'In the offices, at home, at churches, in the mosques, many of us unknowingly harm our eardrums.

'Even while in cars, some people turn up the volume of music to an embarrassing level to have a fake feeling of enjoyment.

'With time, such a person may start experiencing slight headaches occasioned by vibrations in the eardrum which may eventually lead to hearing defect or total loss of hearing.

'As much as I am aware of some laws guiding noise pollution, it is the duty of every individual to take care of their health,' Ogundiran said.

The audiologist  recommended hear plugs or noise muffler for workers in noisy factories.

Ogundiran also advised against exposing babies to noise at worship centers and social parties.

He also advised Nigerians to guard against prolonged use of head set while listening to loud music.