Bez Idakula- I don’t consider myself an elitist act

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Bez Idakula is back to work after a romantic honeymoon in Turkey with Bolatito Ladoja, It's been about eight years now, he went into music full time. He had developed his love for music when he was nine years old .He started playing instruments, and couldn't stop singing to himself whenever he had some time alone.

He talked about his journey into music “I went professional about a year or two after my university education. The challenges abound and a common one was the normal process you undergo as an up and coming act. You have to prove to someone that you are worth a shot and many other shots. Then, there was the style of my music, which is not exactly mainstream. It was a little bit of a challenge making that genre of music in an industry that is more in tune with a different one.

Why did you choose your genre? “That is very funny. I chose my type of music because it's the type of music that just came out of me. As the passion was discovered, the delivery and the style of the music came along with it. My kind of music is just the kind of music my passion drove me to make.”

He believes his music is for everyone “No, I don't consider myself an elitist act. However, my target crowd is very general and consists of lovers of good music. Anyone who can hear, identify a good sound and feel it, is who I'm playing for.”

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