By Lagos PDP

The Lagos State Chapter of PDP has described the current State House of Assembly, dominated by APC, as not diligent and vibrant enough to represent the people but indeed a rubber stamp of the Governor. The Party further posits that the current House of Assembly may end up as the worst ever in the history of governance in the State.

According to the Party, its Stance is coming on the heels of the Assembly's abandonment of more important and expedient bills but rather exerting time and resources on less expedient bills whose motive is just to increase the revenue generation of the State. "Many of such bills passed into Laws are even very difficult to enforce".

Similarly, the Party accused the House of Assembly of totally abandoning its oversight function theirby allowing the Governor to impose unpopular policies on Lagosians.

Emphasising its position, the Lagos State PDP described the recently passed laws on smoking and indecent dressing that are now operative in the State as less expedient as the expectations of Lagosians that: The FOI Act be localised; The increased LASU fees be reversed; The collection of Tolls on Lekki-Epe road should stop; The Alpha Beta Commission be reviewed downward; to mention a few.

"We note that the Lagos State House of Assembly is now Cowed and has derailed away from its expected functions to make life bearable for lagosians. The House of Assembly has abandoned, on the floor of the House, important issues like the desire and demand of Lagosians to have: FOI Act domesticated; Increased LASU School fees reversed; Stoppage of tolling on the Lekki-Epe express road; Alpha Beta Commission on the Revenue generated reviewed downward.

Many of our Government institutions have also become moribund and, or taken over by private persons without any check by the House of Assembly which is supposed to be representing the people by carrying out due diligent oversight function. This portends danger for our State and this current House of Assembly is likely to be the worst in the history of the State.

Lagos PDP