A Tribute To My Mother: Hajiya Rabi Ibrahim Dallah by Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah.

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

Today 23rd February, 2013 Mark 10years after the death of my beloved mother.

It's been said that a mother's heart is the child's classroom and home is not home without a mom. I say Alhamdulillah for all that my mom, Hajiya Rabi Ibrahim Dallah, has taught me through the years. She is a mother I am proud of, and in facts I'm proud to be her son and first out of three.

I want to share a few things I learned from my mother that have influenced me greatly. I trust that as you read this, you, too, can reflect and remember things your own mother taught you. And I pray that all parents can learn from my mom's example and impart these same truths to their children.

Mom taught me the importance of having a relationship with Allah. She told me, “Son, without Allah, you're nothing. Oh Kabiru,you may run fast. And you may make good money and do a lot of things. But He's everything you need. You're nothing without Him.” There isn't anything more important for a mother to teach her children than to teach them how to have a relationship with Allah.

Mom taught me how to endure. She told me and my brothers to never quit—no matter what. Growing up, we endured some hard times, but through my mom's example of endurance, we learned to keep going even in the hard times.

I witnessed my mom's constant devotion to and love for my dad.

Mom taught me to be faithful. I have tried to emulate her faithfulness the best way I know how. If I start anything, I strive to be faithful to complete it. If I give my word, I am faithful to keep it. Mom taught us to be faithful to our word and to be faithful to Almighty Allah and His Word.

Mom taught me to cater to the needs of others. Even when we didn't have enough, she still gave to others who were more needy than we were. Mom welcomed everyone to our house. If parents were looking for their kids, the first place they called was our house! The kids in the neighborhood liked to hang out at our home, but Mom didn't mind; she was so kind and generous to everyone.

Mom taught me the difference between right and wrong and taught me to make proper decisions. She also taught me about the Allah-kind of love (A love that has influenced my life immeasurably).

I am here today as a result of my mother's faith. She believed that by teaching me all that she taught, she would never have to shed tears over a wayward son. No, I haven't done everything right. Yes, I've messed up at times, and I've done some things in the past that I shouldn't have done. But Allah is forgiving, and the words of my mom always came to me in my time of need. Allah has been faithful to answer the prayers she prayed over the years.

These are just a few of the things I have learned from my mom. I pray that these are truths you can use to teach your own children and others as well. And I believe that if you will teach your children these same principles, you will see good results in the end.

In conclusion, I wish I could rewind my life back to the last time I saw her. Just one more hug and one more chance to tell her how much I love her.

May Allah be please with her and make Aljannatu Firdausi her final abode.

I Really Miss her with passion.
Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah Is A Social And Political Commentator, Writes From Kaduna, Nigeria, @ik_dallah on twitter

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