APYF Describes Suspension of CBN Governor as A Mark of Jonathan's Corruption Prone Government.

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The All Progressives Youth Forum (APYF) has condemned the suspension of

the Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi describing it as a mark of

the insensitivity the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan to the

plight of Nigerians.
The group in a statement released on Thursday by its Director of

Communications, Abubakar Sidiq Usman said that the Jonathan administration

has, by this action once again, proved beyond reasonable doubt that the

pocket of few individuals opportune to hold public offices only to turn

them to money making ventures is more important than the wellbeing of

millions of other Nigerians whose survival depends largely on the funds

being looted day in day out.
The group wondered why the government of President Goodluck Jonathan has

chosen to vilify a man who chooses to stand on the part of honour,

exposing the monumental corruption in the oil industry when he should be

praised, rewarded and given higher responsibilities that will change the

fortunes of the country.
It said it is even more worrisome that aside acting promptly on the report

of the 'Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria and other investigating

bodies' which it said found the CBN governor guilty of financial

recklessness and misconduct even when reports of investigations into high

level corruption within its government is gathering dust wherever it is,

the president in his serial rape of the country's laws, suspended the CBN

governor without recourse to Section 11 (f) of the CBN Act which empowers

the President to remove the CBN Governor if he has the support of

two-thirds majority of the Senate.
“We have not forgotten that the House Committee report on fuel subsidy,

the Nuhu Ribadu report of corruption in the oil industry, the KPMG report

on NNPC and a couple of others exposing monumental fraud and indicting a

good number of individuals have never seen the light off the day since

they were submitted to the president, whereas, the report of the

'Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria and other investigating bodies'

which no one has an idea of how it came about the indictment of Sanusi

Lamido is hurriedly being implemented. Something must definitely be fishy

“While we are not against the govt taking punitive measures against Sanusi

or any other govt official found to have abused the privilege of office,

APYF notes that the suspension of the CBN governor at a time a can of

worms is been opened in the NNPC, particularly the revelations exposing

the alleged missing 20 billion dollars in the NNPC accounts is a strong

indication that President Jonathan does not only silence whistle blowers,

but abhors corruption for the purpose of political expediency,” the

statement said.
The APYF said Sanusi's suspension nonetheless; it remains concerned about

the missing $20 billion oil money, vowing that no amount of intimidation

in any form would change the story so long as the government does not come

clean about what exactly has happened to the missing fund.

While expressing the readiness of the group to support the CBN Governor in

the challenge of the illegal suspension placed on him by our corruption

hugging president, the group reminded President Goodluck Jonathan that

Nigerians will continue to hold him responsible for the consequences the

missing $20 billion oil money would have averted in the life of ordinary