Anambra Ranked High In National GDP Mapping For Pilot States

By Mazi Odera

Anambra State under Gov. Peter Obi has made enormous economic strides. a According to the National Panning Commission's Supervising Minister, Hon. Bashir Yuguda, the".....indicative GDP figures show Anambra to be in the league of emergent rich states....." One of the six pilot states, Anambra's GDP is dominated by three sectors, agriculture, industry, and services. The state GDP size grew from N7N937 billion in 2010 and N1.03trillion in 2011.

Anambra's GDP projection for 2012 to 2014 are enormous given the quantum leap in SMEs, micro finance, FDI and growing infusion of Diaspora remittances. According to the present survey, services continue to dominate 68% of the GDP, while agriculture and industry stand at 28% and 4% respectively.

Comissioner for Economic Planning and Budget Prof Stella Okunna said Anambra GDP had certainly grown beyond the present scope considering the economic growth in the state since 2009. SSG Oseloka H. Obaze noted that we're the investment impact the formal and informal diaspora remittances reflected fully, there would be a discernible increase in Anambra's GDP growth.

Gov. Peter Obi said he was elated by the results of the survey. He recalled hat in 2003 the schools in Anambra were shut an teachers were not being paid their salaries and pensions. In 2013, Anambra was ranked top nationally in both NECO and WAEC examinations, reflecting the sea change in governance, policies, service delivery and overall economic growth.