By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
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25th October, 2009 marked the second year Anniversary of Rt.Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi as Executive Governor of Rivers State. Amaechi was sworn into office following the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court that ruled in his favour in the case questioning the legality of Omehia's candidacy through the imposition policy of the PDP, thereby restoring his mandate as winner of the PDP primaries. As we join numerous other Nigerians to congratulate Gov Amaechi for the giant strides recorded thus far since assuming office, we will like to inject a word of caution and advice that he resists all attempts of distraction by idle individuals masquerading as serious minded politicians. It is sad to note that at a time when all hands should be on deck to move the state forward, a group of PDP fugitives in Abuja have continued their dastardly plots against Amaechi's government to bring him to disrepute. Their desperation has assumed new heights with the recruitment of hapless individuals to contest Amaechi's office, like Soberekon, who they have sold a dummy of false hope to and recently Omehia (who himself once stated that the ruling in Amaechi's favour was a judgement made in Heaven).

One would wonder why Rivers State should be treated as an outcast by the FG, when one realises that the Federal Government has deliberately withheld sponsorship and execution of any project in Rivers State these past 20 years, while the state's resources are daily exploited and used in developing other parts of Nigeria. Today, all Federal Government road projects in the State have been abandoned they include Ahoada road project, the Bonny Bodo road, the East West road, the Eleme Junction flyover. The state government as a palliative measure to soothe the pains experienced by motorists and road users has since taken on the completion of some of the major roads like the Aba Port Harcourt road, Eleme junction Flyover and the Ikwere road.

As the members of the progressive opposition in Amaechi's tenure, one would have expected us to play this dastardly role the FG and the Abuja based PDP fugitives are playing; a role of pulling down Amaechi at all cost. It is a pity that PDP has yet again through this collective show of shame proven that “a house divided against itself cannot stand”

For us as people-oriented political parties, we choose to put people ahead of party considerations and we consider the attitude of these Abuja fugitives and the Federal Government a sad and unfortunate one, which is without doubt a most malicious and obnoxious policy against a state that plays a considerable role in the Nation's Economy. Without mincing words we would like to therefore state that we are giving the Federal Government a three month period to redress this and other issues as well as refund the N80b so far spent by the Rivers State Government in executing most of the Federal Government projects in the State".

It is on record that we are and will always remain the fiercest critics of Amaechi's Administration. And by all intents and purposes we have fulfilled this role. Albeit, in failing to commend laudable steps of his administration we would be failing in our duty and suffice it to say,�Amaechi in his two years at the helm of affairs has surpassed all that was done by the previous administration in the State for eight years.

It is on record that this Administration has initiated the construction of 165 Health Centers, 250 Primary Schools, 24 Secondary Schools fully equipped with internet and modern art facilities. 170 Roads are currently under construction including the Niger Hospital, Delta Clinic and the UST Hospital ready for commissioning. These do not include the 1000 bed Mega Hospital, the Mother and Child Hospital, the International Market, the Call Emergency Center and various projects through the Public Private Partnership Initiative that will ultimately change lives in the state.�A Government that has set aside N100B yearly to construct a new City, (Greater Port Harcourt City). Formed the habit of being accountable to her people through the normal Governors Accountable Forum where he renders account of the State and take questions from the citizenry as he did today in PH and if a Government signed into a law forcing her to be saving billions of Naira for the intervention of serious sectors of the State's economy, (N170B has being saved at the moment), if the effect of the Urban Renewal currently going on to restore the garden city status of Port Harcourt, if the revolution going on in the transportation Sector, If the efforts of the Government to restore and sustain security in the State, if the peaceful atmosphere and cordial relationship between the Rivers State Government and 46 political parties in order to move the State forward collectively and if and if all these are not geared towards good governance we need to be enlightened on what good governance is all about.

We urge all indigenes, friends, stakeholders and residents of the state to continue to support the Government and forget those who by their acts feel that the Government will lose focus and direction and probably take us to the era of 'Donatus�method of governance. We thank the Governor for recognizing the fact that the members of the organized opposition political parties in the State are the progressive type and will continue to be progressive until the State reaches its “Utopia”.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Media Consultant, FOOPP, Rivers State

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