Senate Confirms Gusau, Obanikoro, Haruna, 8 Others As Ministers


Mark Overrules Osun Senators Over Adesiyan .
Shekarau Set to replace Salik SAN FRANCISCO, February 18, (THEWILL) - The Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed 11 ministerial nominees as substantive ministers.

Prominent among those approved are former National Security Adviser, Gen Aliyu Gusau (Zamfara); former Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana, Senator Musuliu Obanikoro (Lagos); and nine others as Ministers But there are very strong indication that former Governor of Kano State, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau may be named Minister to replace Hadjia Jamilla Salik, whose screening was halted in the Senate during the final screening process on Tuesday.

Notwithstanding, a last minute attempt by the three senators from Osun State led by Senator Olusola Adeyeye to block the confirmation of Abduljelili Oyewale Adesiyan was effectively rebuffed by the President of the Senate, David Mark, and almost all the senators through a deafening voice vote confirmed the man.

Other nominees confirmed are: Hon Mohammed Wakili ( Borno); Alh Abduljelili Oyewale Adesiyan ( Osun); Amb Aminu Wall ( Kano); Mrs.

Akon Etim Eyakenyi ( Akwa Ibom); Lawrencia Labaran Mallam ( Kaduna); Dr.

T W Danagogo ( Rivers); Asabe Asmau Ahmed (Niger); Boni Haruna ( Adamawa); and Dr.

Khaliru Alhassan ( Sokoto).
Sources within the Senate chambers disclosed that Senators may have been alerted, that the name of Shekarau who recently dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) could be forwarded alongside four others to replace the recently sacked Ministers.

However, Senator Adeyeye had midway during voting raised order 14 of senate rules as amended, which deals with the right and privileges of senators to object to the confirmation of Abduljelili Adesiyan on the grounds that the three Senators from Osun are against his confirmation as a substantive Minister.

He declared; "I want to put it on record again that all three senators from Osun State unanimously oppose this nomination.

I also want to place it on record that this nominee is the sixth person that was nominated by the President on an appointment that requires the confirmation of this senate.

"I want to put it on record that all previous nominations, all three of us, have not only endorsed the nomination of the President, we have canvassed support for them among our colleagues.

"This is the first time that we are opposing any nomination brought before this senate.

This opposition is not brought frivolously.
This opposition is not being brought on the grounds of partisan politicking.

' Continuing he said; "We oppose this nomination on two grounds; one, we do not believe that the president of our country will be best served by the appointment of Mr.

"When he met the three of us from Osun, he did as he well did when he appeared before the senate, he told a long story about his being accused falsely of the murder of the late Chief Bola Ige.

He spoke at length and when he finished, I told him that two things are clear; one, Bola Ige did not kill himself, two, the dead do not talk, Bola Ige cannot tell us who killed him.

So, we said, we are not going to bother you about that, whether you are the one who participated (or not).

President, there is a serious issue, that if you have this albatross around your neck, are there no other persons in your party?' But the Senate President halted him saying; "Prof, please I'm afraid I will have to stop you at this point, the reason is very simple.

Let me put something on record.
It is true you approached me, it is also true that you did ask whether you could ask him when he appears here or not.

"You will recall that I said that I had no problem with that and I think you should have reported that beat.

I also did say that during confirmation you can make your objections.

That I think is very clear from the voice votes.
I asked openly here.
When he was here, whatever questions you had for him, I did not stop you from asking.

Mine was just a simple advice and I was very specific.

I said yes, you can ask him once he is here.
I think we must put all these behind us.
This is my own honest advise.
This house cannot become a law court, where we prosecute and discharge people.

"If he is not prosecuted in the law court, anything we do here is just an allegation.

Thank God you said the issue is not just only about Bola Ige.

He did not nominate himself, he was nominated by Mr.

President and we all heard the voice votes here and if you have an objection to the voice votes, you can call for a division if that is what you want.

" But I think from the voice votes, it is clear to everybody here that this nominee is approved by this house.

So, I don't see where your privilege has become an issue that you are coming under privilege now.

Therefore, I rule you out of order.