By Mazi Odera
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1. Congratulations on your recent election as APGA National acting Publicity Secretary under Chief Maxi Okwu. Having worked with Maxi and the rival National Chairman, Sir Victor Umeh, how would you compare their leadership styles?

ANS;Sir Victor Umeh is more like an Emperor or say one man Riot squad, he does not know what is division of labour, he is good in field politics ,he is great when it comes to politics of no hold bar ,during his tenure as Chairman of APGA he did well according to his understanding of the job of a Chairman, he was able to hold down APGA in 2 states but lost one. In essence he tried as a Chairman during that period ,but now that APGA is stable and need to progress, APGA needs more board room politics, APGA needs more strategic moves and overture ,on the later part ,Sir Victor do not know how to handle that ,that is a good reason why he vacated the position to a more polished Legal guru in Barrister Maxi Okwu who is the current leader of APGA, and ,who will take Apga to the entire South East and some states in the North .Good a thing Sir Victor has shown interest to replace DR Chris Ngige at the Senate ,what we should do is to grant him his wishes.

2. Why did your faction appoint Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu as the new APGA Leader despite the fact that Umeh had earlier given the position to Gov Peter Obi, who has done so much for APGA?

ANS ;whosoever that thought up the idea of making Governor Obi the leader of APGA needs a serious deliverance. Imagine bringing Merci to come and captain Rangers International of Enugu.

Gov Obi is the face of APGA ,he took APGA from nowhere to somewhere ,he gave APGA a fresh breath and making him a leader is a demoting, he led Apga as a Governor and it is time to move to a higher calling.

We should know that as a" lea der "he became just a ceremonial leader .What Gov Obi is qualified to do now is to move to CENTRAL where he can serve the nation with same zeal and magic that he blessed ANAMBRA STATE with. He is the only IGBO man today that is over qualified to be the President, he is the man that is equipped with Political know how that made him to mix with anybody ,any party and come out with great things that we all thought was not possible in any state that is in opposition to the one in central.

Gov Obi should be our man on TOP ,a National face ,an IGBO face which covers all the parties that operates in alaigbo.

Gov Obi should be our Big fish in a big pond and not a Big fish in a little pond, we all know that his likes comes once in a great while and Ndi Igbo need to use him as Dike Eji eje mba which he is, anything less is not acceptable to me

3. What is the future of APGA and what are the chances of reconciliation?

ANS;with the present leadership of APGA under BARRISTER MAXI OKWU ,I will bet you that SOUTH EAST and SOUTH SOUTH goes to APGA .As you may have heard that Sir Victor Umeh is going to the Senate ,his Former Secretary is going to contest for Governor of Zamfara state and that leaves APGA into the hands of people that will take APGA far above dreams.

Reconciliation of APGA is easy ,both Sir Victor Umeh and Barrister Maxi Okwu with the Governor should meet and chat as brothers of same parents ,they may argue and disagree but i know that once they assemble together ,i am sure that GOV OBI will reconcile them ,that Man is so gifted that he can sale FRIDGE TO AN ESKIMO during winter, and you cannot fault his reasons if he put his mind to it.

4. Is the party thinking of fielding a Presidential candidate in 2015? If so, are you thinking of zoning it? And to where?

fielding a presidential candidate is effort in stupidity ,why can't we do what YOROBA'S has been doing ? every time they have a favorable person in the Presidency they will decline having a candidate in AD,ACN or any party that serves her interest ,I consider it a smart move because ,it will give you a bargaining power than to field a candidate and will only win one state out of 36 and make your chances of having an understanding with the Central government to be rated ZERO.


5. Umeh last weekend told news express that Maxi Okwu's claim to APGA leadership has no foundation and that his noise will soon fizzle out? What is your reaction?

ANS ;well i am sure that Sir Victor Umeh who is a field tactician were just trying to pull wool over the eyes of people wishing APGA dead. Now you can see that many people simply believed that APGA is fighting ,but no they are passing through a stage that will launch them into a higher orbit.

6.OBIDIKE AND OBIANO who do you prefer and who is a better candidate..,

Ands; I am pained that Anambra north fought like men and secure the slot but they are now behaving like infants. The elders in ANAMBRA NORTH ,including the Igwe,s , great politicians with the elites should quickly call this two men – Chief OBIANO AND Chief OBIDIGBO together, take them to Church or shrine and make them to sit quietly while they tell them the reason why both of them should act like brothers. The people should make them to have an MOU ,so that this chance will not slip away from them or more hiccups will come and hinder what they got on a platter. This two ,Obiano and Obidigbo are perfectly qualified to lead any state ,so the two needs to meet and make some sacrifice and have a brotherly agreement and come out with one voice and embrace for the Camera ,that way they will shame the critics and show that ANAMBRA NORTH has what it takes to work as one.