I've been a sad governor.... Kashim Shettima

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

Governor Ksshim Shettima of Borno State has said that he has been a sad ever since he took office nearly three years ago.

Speaking at the formal launch of the Borno State Stalk Houses Eradication Programme which is an ambitious scheme that is targeted at gradually eliminsting stalk houses in different oarts of Borno state and reolacing them with model houses, at no cost to be borne by beneficiaries.

"Iam happy today that we are gathered 5o allocate houses to our fsthers, mothers, brothers , sisters and children in a community that for nearly fifty years lived under the rains and the sun, they lived in neglect, they lived in submission to what they thought was their destiny; their world of extinction, they never even thought for one dsy, that as humans, Nigerians and citizens of Borno State, they were entitked to shelter, water, healthcare and electricity which are the most basic of human needs.

"To these people you see here, they never expected anything from any government; to these people, they were born to live under houses made of assembled stalk of corn, wheat and millet, That they thought, was their portion. But as a government, we ssy No, No and No again, a life of anguish is not their portiin. A life under stalk houses is not what they deserve.

"They are all like us, they are humans , they are Nigerians, they are citizens of Borno; they deserve model sgelter at no cost whatsoever,they deserve water, healthcare and liberty; they deserve to be treated with dignity "he said.

Earler the Commissioner of Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment , Dr. Mrs Zainab Gimba Kyari said the commissioning of 22 housing units made up of teo bedrooms with kitchens, courtyards and gates is part of the administations commitment to uplift the living standsrds of the rirsl people in all spheres of human endeavour.

Dr. Zainab said similar projects have been undertaken by her ministry in other areas if the state to improve their lives.