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By Action Congressriversstate

The Rivers State Action Congress is yet to come to terms with what actually happened in Ekiti over a conduct of an Election in only about ten Local Government Areas in a State. An election that INEC and the Security Agencies were given about three months to arrange but sadly after all the noise making; INEC once again proved its incompetence to organise a simple election in ten Local Government Areas in a single state. It is unbelievable and unacceptable to us, as INEC by this act has only succeeded in ridiculing Nigeria but most importantly President Yar'Adua's illusionary electoral reforms under the framework of his rule of law.

We can now understand why PDP and the Presidency were so bitter in their attack against Atiku Abubakar for merely advising them on the need of giving Nigerians acceptable electoral reforms that will prevent the shame of Ekiti and subsequent elections in Nigeria.. This advice cost Atiku Abubakar his ADC and security Details. General Buhari in his wisdom also admonished President Yar'Adua to reduce his unworkable and dreamy 7-point Agenda to just one Agenda- Accept Uwais's Electoral recommendations without any amendment. It sounds ridiculous to fathom that with 10,000 Police men deployed to Ekiti and 1,500 INEC personnel, Prof Iwu and his clowns could not organise a simple election. Maybe we should arrange to bring the UN Police and probably hire South Africa's Electoral Officers to assist Prof Iwu in conducting the election in the remaining two wards whenever “indefinitely” according to him becomes the present. What a shame!

We know President Yar'Adua no matter the insinuations as being humble and a God fearing person and so in that regard will like to admonish him for God sake to avert the bloodletting that will come to be should the peoples mandate for any reason be discountenanced in Ekiti State. The world is aware of the bold and brave woman, Mrs. Adebayo the Ekiti INEC Commissioner who is also aware that the AC Candidate Dr Kayode Fayemi has won the guber election in Ekiti and w e wish to state that no Jupiter including Prof Iwu in his worst situation could reverse it. We must commend and congratulate Mrs Adebayo for proving that Nigeria is still blessed with a few God fearing Administrators unlike her colleagues Uwah in Rivers and Iwu at the centre. She has started a revolution that will compel INEC and Iwu to go Ghana or South Africa to learn a little lesson on how to conduct credible elections. She should not relent for any reason rather she should fear God that destroys both body and soul and casts them into hell not mere mortals that will be consumed by worms one day.

Conclusively, we urge President Yar'Adua to allow Mrs Adebayo as the law states to announce the authentic results declaring Dr Fayemi the next Governor of Ekiti and save the people of Ekiti the misfortune of imposing the visionless Mr. Oni who has already been convicted as a rigger, can not win and has been rejected by the people of the state. This will prevent the breakdown of law and order in the State. INEC and PDP Chieftains should allow the popular will of the electorates to prevail at least this one time. All reruns under Yar'Adua have so far been even worse than their original ones under Obasanjo. This is the litmus test for President Yar'Adua, a test of his sincerity in effecting credible electoral reforms in our country. Now we will know his true agenda for Nigeria and his definition of not just the rule of law but of democracy.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Rivers State Action Congress, Publicity Secretary