Asari-Dokubo's Wife Says Those Criticizing Him Are Insane.

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Mujahidat Daba Asari-Dokubo, wife of former Niger Delta militant, Mujahid Asari Dokubo, has described those criticizing her husband and other militant leaders as insane and jobless.

Mrs. Dokubo also accused northern leaders of unnecessarily criticizing President Jonathan and trying to box him into a corner through attacks by cabals and Boko Haram sect.

She described Mr. Jonathan as an intelligent and sincere leader who is determined to make Nigeria better. She said her family had been close to the president since his days as governor of Bayelsa State.

Mrs. Dokubo took to her Facebook wall to express her grievance.

Below is her post raw and uncut:
“I want to clear the mind of some of these northerners who never see anything good in Mr president please stop boxing Mr. President to a corner so that he will be at the beck and call of the north and forget that the Niger Delta region has to be developed where the proceed of the resources used in running the 37 states including Abuja is gotten from. At the end of his tenure it is the same people who will come out and say your brother was there and he couldn't do anything for the people of the Niger Delta region.

The Gej I know is a very kind hearted man and very intelligent. He knows his onions. Please, let the cabal in the north and their agents, Boko Haram give him a chance to transform this country, their past leaders destroyed. In less than a year most you who are criticizing Gej will turn around and swallow your vomit “People who are complaining about the pipeline jobs awarded to ex freedom fighters should go and re-examine the head if they are sane.

“What concerns a stranger with what I do with my property is it because we the Niger Deltans kept quiet for a very long time after the death of Isaac Adaka Boro? In fact, all freedom fighters deserve huge oil blocks not pipeline contracts.

Do you people know how many people these freedom fighters care and feed? This pipeline job will cater for thousands of poverty-striken families in the Niger Delta.

So, those of you running your mouth should just shut your trap. Boko Haram kill their people and strangers especially Christians, they are demons so stop comparing Niger Delta freedom fighters and Hoko Haram I rest my case.”

“Psalm 27 says: As many as gathered against me they stumble and fall. That is the prophecy for GEJ. As many as gathered against GEJ for 2015, they will stumble and fall be it Atiku, Buhari, OBJ, Kwankwaso, Wamako, Ameachi, Jagaban, Babangida Aliyu, Sule Lamido and the rest of them they must stumble and fall.”

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