Nigeria polytechnic and university Graduates

By Raphael Odediran

The fact that there is discrimination and disparities between polytechnic and university is now national issue in Nigeria. Imagine someone who went to a polytechnic for National Diploma( ND) he/she must still proceed on a mandatory one year industrial attachment before enrolling for another two year for his Higher national diploma certificate,eventually the person whether he/she like it or not we end up in spending total numbers of Five years in polytechnic if not more than that in some cases.

There are a lot of issues and controversies generated regarding to the disparity that is between University graduate and polytechnic counterpart.

Technologically,in developing and nation building, a blind man knows that polytechnic is establish to equip man power with the necessary technological skills use in nation building. it is a clear truth that polytechnic student suffered due to dichotomy created between university and polytechnic in Nigeria.

In labor market there is inequality when it comes to GRADE level and retirements level: Bsc is offer Grade level 08 and maximum promotion stage of level 16 while HND holder is offer Grade level 07 and maximum promotion stage of GL 12,More so most of the corporate company in Nigeria prefer university certificate to their polytechnic counterpart and some will go to the extend of placing advert in news headline that Only Bsc is allowed for their job though some enterprises accept HND. The funniest part of it this is that some People refer to polytechnic lecturer as mere teacher with no regard that they are teaching in higher institution.

Furthermore,most of the professional institution such as ICAN hold some particular examination before they can enroll Polytechnic graduate which is not so when it come to university graduate.

Moreover in the course of post graduate degree for instance Master degree and Doctorate degree ,HND holder need to procure a post graduate Diploma certificate in any recognized University before he/she can be eligible to proceed. And there are some instance whereby university graduate of Mechanical engineering can't repair a faulty in a automobile, can you see this is very funny meanwhile is truth.But the saddest part is that mostly all secondary graduate prefer to stay at home for a century waiting for university admission than going to polytechnic and this has cause more. Harm to educational sector in Nigeria because those in top authority in Nigeria has devalue polytechnic certificate and accidentally devalue educational sector in Nigeria.

In-a-nutshell,Nigeria Student is begging government that they should help to eradicate discrimination by dancing to the tune of ASUP in order to BUILD Succeeding generation in this country.

God bless Nigerians
God bless my audience
God bless Me
Odediran Raphael idowu (SCORER)
Student of federal polytechnic offa

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