Why Sambo Must be Replaced Before 2015

Source: pointblanknews.com

1. We are compelled to write this response to a statement credited to

one obscure group by the name Democratic Advancement Option that tended to

make a case for the retention of Vice President Namadi Sambo as running

mate to President Goodluck Jonathan even after having clearly lost every

electoral value in his northern region constituency.

2. It is laughable that the group's argument is that Sambo is

responsible for the return of Bafarawa and Shekarau to the PDP at a time

when the party had lost four sitting northern governors, several serving

National Assembly members and most recently, the viable political machine

of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar due to Sambo's lack of grip in the region.

3. Politically, Sambo as the highest political office holder from the

north is expected to have by now mustered sufficient influence to be able

to curb the spate of embarrassing mass exodus from the president's own

4. We maintain that it is a settled fact that the heavy losses

suffered by the PDP in recent times are recorded in the northern region

where Sambo holds sway, whereas President Jonathan has up till now proved

his firm control of the South-South and South-East zones.

5. We therefore restate our earlier call on the 2015 Presidential

reelection campaign team to reconsider the retention of Sambo if its

electoral success is to be guaranteed in the North.

6. We have already commenced the compilation of data to show the

public how Mr Sambo suffered personal electoral humiliations from his

polling unit in Kabala Kaduna, to the ward, local government and state

levels and how only Sambo's Kaduna North local council was lost to the

opposition out of the state's 23 local government areas.