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In the wake of the recent press interview granted to the Nigerian Guardian Newspapers by the Secretary to the Delta State Government, Mr.

Ovouzourie Macaulay, regarding 2015 Election and the aspirations of Anioma sons and daughters to the highest political office in the Delta State (i.

State governor), Anioma World Assembly (AWA) decided to conduct a painstaking consultation exercise with our stakeholders at home and in diaspora, to gather ideas on how to proceed.

After due consultation with the aforementioned parties, Anioma World Assembly is compelled to state as follows: The recent press interview granted to The Nigeria Guardian Newspapers by the Secretary to Delta State Government,  Mr.

Ovouzourie Macaulay, which was published on  Sunday, January 19, 2014,  has created a dilemma.

Mr Macaulay's expressions obfuscated  the Position of Delta State government.

We believe this requires urgent clarification from the Delta State Government.

In the Guardian publication, the Secretary to Delta State Government, Mr.

Ovouzourie Macaulay, had expressed his lack of knowledge of any Power Shift Pact in Delta State.

  According to the report, Mr Macaulay has been turned-off by Delta North aspirants power shift and campaign slogans of Equity and Fairness; negative campaign of marginalization that sounds like Anioma are out for a revenge mission against other parts of the state; and Anioma past voting pattern that almost elected Democratic Peoples Party [DPP] candidate, Great Ogboru, from Delta Central as Delta Governor in 2011.

According to Ovouzourie Macaulay, the above are the reasons why people like him will not support  Anioma person for Delta  Governor in 2015.

Ordinarily,  we at Anioma World Assembly do not join issues with free citizens who exercise their  right to freedom of expression on important state matters.

The freedom is one inalienable right that constitutional democracy bestows her citizens as its dividend.

We uphold and encourage the right to freedom of speech and expression of opinions as tenet of democracies.

However, when such expression of opinion emanates from an individual who occupies a sensitive position in government, there is the danger that personal opinion may be misconstrued to be the official position of the government that he or she represents.

This unfortunate but recurring dilemma requires clarifications from the government itself.

Anioma World Assembly does not begrudge Ovouzorie Macaulay the fancy and attractions of his Office, and does not question his freedom of expression.

However, when State Agents make public comments on important matters on which the position of the state they represent is  uncertain, ordinary folks may misconstrue their position for  the states'  position.

Since the publication of the Guardian interview, ordinary folks from the three senatorial districts of Delta State have inundated our local and international offices with telephone calls asking to know whether the Secretary to Delta State Government was stating the position on Delta State Chief Executives or his personal opinions when he stated "I am afraid people like us will not support an Anioma person for the governor, as we are scared".

In Delta State, the three highest executive Offices are the Office of the Executive Governor, the Office of the Deputy Governor, and the Office of the Secretary to the State Government.

  Could Ovouzourie Macaulay be speaking for the trio? Anioma World Assembly believes that it was high time Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan come out of the closet and quit playing the Ostrich.

It was high time he thread the honorable path and speak up on his position on Power Shift in Delta State like his colleagues in the South- South and South-East States have done.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries".

Williams Shakespeare.
Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] has presented its Timetable for the 2015 Elections, and Delta State is waiting for Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan to declare his position on Power Shift.

There is no better time to speak than now.
Charles Oseji Chairman, Anioma World Assembly, Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili Secretary General, Anioma World Assembly

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