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Atiku and Ten disadvantages of Joining APC


1. When the leaders of the former ACN, CPC and ANPP decided to merge to

form the APC; they must have agreed of some certain conditions and terms-

Atiku was not a party.
2. Bola Tinubu represents ACN, Buhari- CPC, SAS and Co represent ANPP,

while the G5 and other Governors lead their states- if Atiku decides to

join the APC, he will be a commander without troops.

3. If Atiku join the APC – it will be his third political party since

2007: PDP, AC, and APC. The questions of inconsistency will popup.

4. Going round states to seek supporters' opinion- I am highly not

comfortable with that decision- Atiku's status is beyond that- leaders

should lead.
5. Atiku's home state politics and APC- the Exco of APC in Adamawa has

already been shared among its stakeholders- the deal is sealed; if Atiku

joins the APC, he would have little or no say in the party in his home

6. Most of Atiku's supporters are scattered within the PDP and PDM- his

supporters will be mere onlooker in the APC.
7. APC's invitation to Atiku- was it not an after-thought? Atiku was the

last person the APC leaders visited.
8. APC's presidential tickets would be embroiled with too many interests.

9. Atiku is a founding member of the PDP; what would be his position in

the APC?
10. Getting too late- few months to party primaries; Atiku a potential

presidential candidate is yet settle on one solid party platform.

.Zayyad I. Muhammad, writes from Jimeta, Adamawa State,

[email protected];08036070980