By MATHEW obaro
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As Christians, we know that prayer is a vehicle through which we talk to God, our Creator and saviour. We also know that God hears and answers. However, certain events in life give us a new and tangible appreciation of the power of prayer.

When talking of gift, some gifts are more powerful than others but we always want the best of all in a simple format for happiness. However people seem to forget that everyone is destined with his or her own gift of life.

When asking for prayers from men of God, we should be settled in mind because our aim for the prayer has been answered by God as we believe. But have you asked yourself lf your prayer has been sealed with “Amen”?

Sometimes our word of prayer is received and heard. However, the question you keep asking yourself is “what about the feed back to my prayers, is it that my prayers solutions are being hung somewhere or are the prayers not getting the right stamps i.e. sealed by the right word?

Today the life we are living is like a story to always remember, mostly when we face difficulties in our various fields of life.

A simple illustration of this was when l watched a tape broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, when a boxer was giving his testimony after a fight he won in Australia. But the way the whole thing started like there was a miracle behind his winning.

When he called Prophet T.B Joshua to pray for him some minutes to the fight, the prophet told him to pray so that he would seal his prayer with ''Amen'' on the phone. So he prayed and the Prophet said ''Amen'' so shall it be.

Everything just went smoothly for the boxer because he won the fight with the sealed prayer offered to him by T.B Joshua through the power God inverted in him to save souls and release people from captivity.

Let us check ourselves because the earlier we see ourselves as a shadow of hope the more we will grow stronger in our daily needs and activities but always remember that better is not good enough the best is yet to come.