Greater Abia Youths Forum Thanks Governor

By Nnaji Obed Asiegbu

At the end of our end of year conference held on 25th of January 2014 at Binez hotel extension the Greater Abia youths forum is thanking the governor for his transformation agenda in Abia state which has brought about all the legacy projects that we have seen in the state.

That Ochendo is laying a fresh foundation for the state which before now has been left without the basic things that a state needs.

Chief TA Orji has improved the life of Abia civil servants who now goes home with 20,100 as against 18,000 naira that the federal govt is paying as minimum wage chief TA Orji has built an ultra modern secretariat for the abia civil servant who has operated from make shift office complexes from the creation of the state.

Ochendo has built rural roads and constructed bridges across communities Ochendo has built so many housing estates across the state and most of the beneficiaries are the low and middle income civil servants whom before now never thought they could own houses but today they are proud land lords & land ladies.

That the the relocation of the three markets is a feat every one thought its impossible especially the Umuahia main market but ochendo not only made it possible he also built modern markets and provided cheap transportation for the traders and today they are happier for it.

That Ochendo as a father has been empowering Abia youths whom before now are being used as thugs by previous govts. Ochendo came in and started empowering them by giving them vehicles for commercial purposes, opening up skill acquisition centres and training them in different vocations such as fashion designing, hair dressing, furniture making electronic repairs etc. and upon the completion of their training they will be given grants to set up their businesses.

That Just recently 340 Abia youths who studied agriculture has been sent abroad to go and study modern agricultural methods so that upon their return they will take over the management of Abia liberation farms. Which has been setup in different parts of the state and the program has been designed to place tops in food production in the country in the nearest future

That's the reason why you see Abians dancing and singing to God for bringing ochendo to govern Abia.

Security was a very big challenge in this state since the year 2000 when Ndi Maf. held aba to ransome and every effort made by the previous govts to stop this criminal elements were met with stiff opposition the situation spiralled into the administration of H.E. GOV. T.A Orji and this criminal elements after scaring away foreigners and would be investors from the state now resorted to kidnapping it took the administrative ingenuity of Ochendo global to combat this ugly trend and today Abia is adjudged the safest state in the country and investors are coming back to the state to partner with the state govt in different areas.

That Ochendo built an ultra modern diagnostic center and instructed that the price be reduced so that every one will get diagnosed of what ever ailment he or she is suffering from not minding ur status. How else can a man show love to his people little wonder youths women and men always troop out at every little opportunity to say thank you to this man of vision who is full of love to the poor and the less privileged on the society no wonder Abians always sing to the glory of God when ever they see ochendo

But its surprising that after all these things that our governor did to improve the life of the ordinary Abians some disgruntled elements who lost in the last are still bent on damaging the image of the state and the governor God chooses leaders and Ochendo has been chosen to lead Abia to the promised land.

We as a group hereby resolve to endorse Ochendo global for Abia central senatorial seat come 2015 because of his uncommon achievement in our state Abia.

God bless Ochendo God bless Abia state.

Uche Amadi
Sec. Gen.