Ejigbo women assault: lagos to prosecute suspects

By The Rainbow

The Lagos State Ministry of Justice said on Wednesday it is ready to prosecute those involved in the alleged torture of a woman and her daughters in the Ejigbo market area of Lagos.

The woman, her daughter and step daughter were subjected to unbelievable acts of torture and brutality for allegedly stealing pepper at the market.

Our judiciary correspondent, Shola Soyele was at the Ministry of Justice where the state’s attorney general, Ade Ipaye during a press briefing on the activities of his ministry in 2013, said the Lagos State government is committed to ensuring that justice is done in the case.

The AG also took time to reel out the statistics from the 2013 performance of the various law and order directorates under his ministry.

He urged members of the public to take full advantage of the services of the various directorates and desist from resorting to self-help.

The office of the Public Defender, Directorate of Citizens Rights, Citizens Mediation Centre and the Lagos state Public Interest Law Partnership, are some of the directorates put in place by the government to ensure access to justice and the protection of citizens' rights.