Nigeria and Nigerians approach to schooling, a response?

By Adeosun Olamide

One key function of all social institutions is to educate that is to incur norms, values and morality of one's own native world into individuals. Various social institutions are responsible for different aspect of education, while religion focuses on profanity and sacredness, relations been seen between it and other social institutions like in the deliberate of feminism which integrate both academics and religion, the media has been the societal mirror while educational basis lingers at the family level. Education involves acquisition of knowledge and the learning of skills.

Often, one thorough look at the infest of poverty in the Nigeria society causes a rib crack, often, the reasonable few ones ask and seek the causes to this, they ask, is unemployment truly real? This persons seeking to work yet unemployed, are they seeking the right jobs? Have all vacant post been exhausted? Are additional qualifications in the academics essential for jobs? And several others like how on earth did PhD graduates end up a driver? This and many more questions will exhaust the lines of this page, so I will say with them questions you seem to bury, ignore.

What academics have we in Nigeria? one that do not foster research, one without essential tools, the Nigeria approach to academics is simply books, and now rarely written by the Nigeria professors, quite often used by them, this books, journals written by students, individuals whose life expose the reality of books overseas, at a closer look, one soon learn that the society therein is different herein, thus the solutions to problem varying but then no, no one takes a closer look, the Nigeria approach is to provide outdated books and uncomforting learning environment and at climax shun out crammers that are crappy students to a world unprepared for though not all the time, exceptions exist, unlike academic institutions, we are unconnected to the academia in the errs of internet access.

To say, the society has been modified for the rich, the politicians, the pilfering hands remain an understatement, popularly known, I have families, extended, friends, church members; it is to them employees render before considering the populace whiles the government been busy stealing, fighting than creating jobs, bettering our academic institutions.

The Nigeria society must module up in the veins of clarifying its essentials, providing conducive environment for researchers, and establishing basis and rewards for the academia's.

We are brought up in a society that chiefly teaches that the essence of education is to make money and it is this that guide our competition as we foster up, no one wants to be a farmer, a tailor, a barber, and even a cab driver perhaps because of the ignorance perceiving that they are not well compensated for but then again at a second look, we see bricklayers having houses, farmers, fishermen, drivers doing better than the academic oriented Nigerian yet forgetting, everyone seeks to be corporate, It is not least to say though unpleasant that the Nigerian environment in preferences of the education institution prefers to overlook its professor of electrical engineer beneath an uneducated Lebanese whose certificates be experience in contract a job.

The Nigerian forgets his own innate ability, it is suppressed, perhaps buried forever, his ability to be Da Vinci, drawing, speaking, perhaps music, he prefers the rigors' of academics burying his ability, and yet end up unpopular as a marketer if successful for a popular musician who didn't walk the corridors of academic, it is essential we begin to recognize, we begin to see beneath the sands, that artistes, pastors, orators are doing well than academia's and we should in pursuit of our dreams seek professionalism, it is with this that academic serves it purpose, that explains why Dangote, Adeboye, Messi, Winfrey calls more audience than any professor known rather than dwelling in deceit stream of wealth, it should be a goal accomplished but only secondarily, the primary should be healing his world, the Nigeria environment and causing practical impacts.

In reflects, one often must hear, see and value his creative instinct while trying to value education whose worth is unequal, this should be the Nigerian approach to education.

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