2-Stars.. Miley Cyrus & Madonna To Perform Together For The First Time

By NBF News

Madonna and Miley Cyrus, two of the world's most controversial stars are billed to perform together for the first time at the upcoming MTV Unplugged special on Tuesday February 3.

According to E! News, 'sources saw the two super stars on a Hollywood sound-stage on Monday [Jan. 27], where they were both rehearsing the collaboration.'

There is no doubt fans are in for the biggest shock of 2014 but how huge will this be? Are they hoping to see another girl-kissing session on stage or will they rip their clothes off? OMG! Fans just can't wait to see this come to pass.

Well, reports claim that it was singer, Miley, 21, chose ballsy pop icon, Madonna, to perform alongside her as a surprise guest for her upcoming MTV Unplugged special.

So what are we hoping for?