Financial Times Journalists' Equipment Seized In Equatorial Guinea

By Committee To Protect Journalists, CPJ

Lagos, Nigeria, January 24, 2014-The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned by reports of grave anti-press violations in Equatorial Guinea ahead of an investment symposium planned for early February.

Armed security agents arrested Javier Blas, Africa editor for the Financial Times, and Peter Chapman, a senior writer for the paper, on January 20 in the capital Malabo, Blas told CPJ. The journalists were in a taxi headed to an interview with a minister at the time of the arrest.

They were taken to the Ministry of National Security, where their equipment was confiscated, and they were released after three hours, Blas said. Authorities returned the journalists' passports and mobile phones after seven hours but have refused to return their laptop, notebooks, and digital recorder, which included interviews with diplomats and local politicians.

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Sue Valentine
Africa Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Mohamed Keita