If You Fight Jonathan, You Are Fighting God-Edwin Clark Insists

Source: pointblanknews.com

Elder statesman and former information commissioner, Chief Edwin Clark has

President Goodluck Jonathan is constitutionally qualified to run for 2015,

that those fighting the president are fighting God, who made it possible

for him to
become the President of Nigeria at this time.
Clark noted that the Constitution permits President Jonathan to run twice,

that it is funny when educated people say Jonathan cannot contest the 2015

presidential poll because he has been sworn-in twice.

The elder statesman said this when playing host to the Federal Capital

(FCT) chapter of South-south community leaders, chiefs and elders who

bestowed on
him the grand patron of their association.
Clark while reflecting on the polity said the Yorubas since after the

death of
Obafemi Awolowo and Adekunle Ajasin, do not have a leader, stressing that

govenor of Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu is merely wasting his time when

he declares
himself leader of the Yoruba people.
Clark said, “any person fighting Jonathan is fighting God. Whatever God

said you
will be that is what you will be and whoever want to remove him (Jonathan)

God will
fight him. Under the grace of God Jonathan became the acting President and

President. What is yours nobody can take it from you.

“Some people said that they must rule and if Jonathan run there will be

Majority of the Northerners believe in Jonathan and wants him to continue.

want to split this country will fail.
Speaking on behalf of the FCT South-south leaders, chiefs and elders, the

co-ordinator of the group, Chief Bello Premier told Clark that the

South-south in
the FCT is bedevilled with disunity, individualistic tendencies,

neglect and blantant disregard by authorities of the FCT and local government

He explained that they have come together to form an interim executive,

Board of Trustee and also will hold election in April, adding that they

have taken
up the challenge of reorganising themselves into formidable body to

confront the
enormous challenges ahead of 2015 election and how the South-south will

retain the
presidency come 2015.