NewAPC: Marwa, Skekarau, Bafarawa Face expulsion


The  interim National Executive Committee (NEC) of APC meets in Abuja tomorrow over the crisis rocking the party, ranking members contesting party structures in their respective states with sitting governors that defected from PDP may be considered for outright expulsion.

Shekarau, Bafarawa, Marwa and Belgore were the likely heavyweight casualties.

The national leadership of APC said it recognised the defected governors as leaders of the party in their states, a development that the old members of the party had been contesting.

Several peace and reconciliation meetings called by the party leaderships at different levels had failed to resolve the crisis-of-confidence.

It was learnt that the move by the aggrieved leaders to polarise the party by launching a faction to be known as New APC had prompted the national leaders to tackle the growing dissent once and for all, by expelling the disgruntled leaders at its NEC meeting tomorrow.

A senior member of the party told the Nigerian Tribune that the national leadership of the party had hints of the planned polarisation of the party by the disgruntled leaders, long before the plan came into public knowledge and had been preparing for the day they would come into the open with their plan.

Accusing those behind the nAPC as being driven by inordinate ambition, the source disclosed that their plan was to balkanise the party before moving out with their supporters to PDP.

When contacted, APC spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, said the party would rather wait for the move before commenting.

Shekarau, however, said the G5 governors that defected from PDP to APC could not be automatic leaders of the party in their respective states.

This was as he challenged anyone to come forward with any written agreement that conferred leadership on the governors.

On a Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria  (FRCN) Kaduna Hausa programme, Hanu da yawa, monitored  on Tuesday, he insisted that  there was nothing like “agreement” with the governors to make them chairmen/leaders of the party in their states.

According to him, there was no meeting where such discussion was reached, while he challenged Honourable Bello Masari to tell the time, date and at what meeting the agreement was reached.