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God never wanted Yar'Adua as president -Cleric
Friday, March 12, 2010


If Nigerians expect the lingering political crisis and instability in the country toend soon, then they have got another thing coming. That is the message from Bishop Wale Olagunju of the Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Olagunju, in an interview with Daily Sun, linked the protracted leadership tussle resulting from the ill-health of President Umaru Yar'Adua to the electoral fraud which brought the present set of leaders into power in 2007: 'It is not in the mindset of God for Yar'Adua to rule Nigeria,' but that Obasanjo imposed the man on the nation.

He also tells the nation not to expect any change with Acting President Goodluck Jonathan in charge, as he is also a product of the 2007 fraud.

State of the Nation
'In my 2008/2009 prediction, I'd predicted concerning the health of Yar'Adua. I said Yar'Adua is seriously sick, when they were all saying the man was not. I said time would tell. Now, everything is upside down. The country is not moving forward, because we focuse too much attention on the president's ill-health. Things are not supposed to be so, but, they are bound to be so, because the election that produced Yar'Adua was not based on truth, but on lies. Any system not built on the pillar of truth shall collapse. That's why the Nigerian nation is passing through this mess.

Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President
'What's the difference between Yar'Adua and Goodluck? Did they not both emerge through the fraudulent election? Now, the man is Acting President, but did they not bundle Yar'Adua, a sick man, back to Nigeria to overrun him? As long as these people continue to rig elections, so also will Nigeria continue to face problem. This (Yar'Adua) is a man who told the whole world that the election that produced him was grossly imperfect. Muslims call it haram, English call it corruption. There is corruption everywhere and the Bible says that righteousness exalts a nation.'

Religious leaders culpable.
'If there is anytime in Nigeria that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ should be preached, it is now. This is the time pastors in the country ought to tell him the truth, for him to make restitution. Rather than do that, they are supporting illegality. Is it not strange to you that one man is sick and the whole of 140 million people, pastors inclusive are praying for him and yet, there is nothing to show for it? What does that tell you? So, we have sinned, Nigerian leaders have sinned. The religious leaders are part and parcel of it. They contributed to the problem. They failed to preach the truth. Look at the whole four years, almost wasted.'

Way out
'We need national repentance. We need to lead Nigeria unto holiness.'

Charlatans as prophets
'Every pastor has turned himself into a prophet, whereas they are false prophets. They prophesied anyhow, rush to the press anyhow and surprisingly, you will never find any characteristics of the old time prophets in their lives!

'They ought not to mingle with those in government or corrupt politicians who loot the treasury. Unfortunately, they mingle with these people. Look at Prophet Elijah in the Bible. When he met King Ahab, the king accused him of being the troubler of Israel. But, Elijah said, rather it is you and your household. Where are the types of Elijah today? Today, you will find prophets having three, four, five wives! Can we call such men, prophets of God?

'The Lord Jesus Christ did not support those who embezzled government funds, rather, He preached the gospel to them, to those who wanted to change. Prophecy is not threatening people's lives. It is not for show-off or to make money. It means telling the people the mind of God.'

Do you see Yar'Adua recovering from his illness and even clinching a second term?

'Have you ever seen a beheaded person eating meat? I'd predicted that it is not in the mindset of God for Yar'Adua to rule Nigeria. That Obasanjo single handedly imposed this man on us. That the same Obasanjo would realize that Yar'Adua is bad investment. These predictions were published in the press. Yar'Adua has got no business there again, except for the few playing the ethnic game to further their selfish interests.'