PDP Hails Jonathan Over Tukur's Resignation

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has described the voluntary stepping

aside of its former National Chairman, Dr. Bamanga Tukur and the peaceful

resolution of its leadership challenges as a climax of

political maturity and another eloquent expression of the internal

democratic mechanism that form the building blocks of the Party.

A statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa

Metuh said the development which came against the backdrop of doomsday

predictions by the opposition has again proved the in-built conflict

resolution capacity of a Party whose leaders are ever mindful of its

historic responsibility as the custodian of the fate of over 160 million

Nigerians .
” On Thursday, the selfless efforts of our leaders to re-engineer and

strengthen our great party peaked with the selfless example of our former

National Chairman, Dr. Bamanga Tukur, who voluntarily resigned. It was a

denouement which brought to the fore, the unimpeachable democratic

features of the PDP as a political party whose leaders and members are at

all times willing to sacrifice personal interests in the overall good of

the party and the nation. This is a true character of a political party

attuned to the essentials of progress and national
” Instructively, the occasion re-affirmed that despite our large size and

diversity, our capacity to internally resolve all our challenges and by

extension hold Nigeria together as well as boost her fortunes and improve

the lots of the people is without rival .”
“By this very development also, we re-established with emphasis, that the

interest of the people is primary to every consideration in our party and

that no amount of sacrifice is inconceivable in service to Nigeria. ”

The statement declared that the peaceful manner through which the PDP has

continued to resolve its problems is an assurance that the challenges

facing Nigeria today would equally be resolved with the cooperation of the

” We therefore wish to send a fresh clear signal to the opposition and

detractors who must be hugely disappointed with the outcome of our

National Executive Committee meeting that the PDP has come to stay and

shall continue to win elections, having been deeply rooted in the province

of the people. ”
” For nearly sixteen years since formation, our great party has passed

through numerous challenges and on each occasion emerged stronger. It has

remained the only political party in this democratic dispensation which is

truly national, that has neither changed its name nor logo and has not

changed in its commitment to the people. The PDP has shown a true

character of a political party strongly resolved on building a strong,

virile democratic polity and which has numerous infrastructural

developments to its credit.”
The statement added, ” we have shown a perfect example for the present and

future generation of politicians to copy. The greatness of any political

party is not only a function of its numerical strength and diversity,

essential also is the patriotism of its leaders, the relegation of

personal interests and the supremacy of the will of the people, all,

core essential in nation building. This played out in full on Thursday.”

The statement further commended the heroic courage of Dr. Turkur, his

father figure role and his unrivaled determination to push through his

ideals on the reform of the PDP, while paying tribute to the wise and

unbiased disposition of President Goodluck Jonathan and other leaders of

the party in resolving all party challenges .
It also assured Nigerians that the PDP will continue to be united so as to

give all the needed support to the efforts of government to transform

Nigeria and improve the welfare of the people.