Rep condemns use of 'chemical weapons' by Nigeria Police


Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila has condemned the recent alleged use of tear gas by the Nigeria Police at a political rally in Rivers State.

Gbajabiamala particularly condemned the alleged shooting by the police of Senator Magnus Abe, saying police permit was no longer required to stage a rally.

In a statement in Abuja, the lawmaker expressed surprise that people could still be talking of police permit for a rally when, according to him, a Supreme Court judgment delivered years ago had made such permit illegal.

“The Supreme Court years ago ruled that Police permit is NOT required for a rally. So all this talk from the Rivers state commissioner of police about permit is balderdash,” the lawmaker said in the statement.

“The House Minority Leader want the public to note that tear gas is a chemical hence the word gas.

“…The use of chemical weapons against once own citizens (or anyone for that matter) is unacceptable and is why the world is up in arms against Syria.

“The House Minority Leader is calling the attention of the international community to this abuse of citizen's right

“Reprisals and public order also have internationally acceptable standards. The world needs to pay attention to this inhumane treatment of innocent citizens,” he added.