Expatriate Resigns from Caverton Helicopter over Maltreatment of Nigerians

Source: huhuonline.com

Mr. Surendra Bhagwandass, a Base Maintenance Manager at Caverton Helicopters, on Friday resigned his appointment over non-payment of salaries and unfair treatment of Nigerian workers in the company.

The company is alleged not to have paid the salaries of its Nigerian workers for December 2013.

In an email to the management of Caverton, Bhagwandass claimed that he became disenchanted with the company, knowing that expatriates had good working conditions while their Nigerian counterparts were paid poor as well as delayed salaries.

'Shame on you guys. I heard from the people I work with that they are not paid for the festive season. This is a security breach, as I now feel uncomfortable to travel and work, while you guys have a merry time', he said.

'Please have heart, as these people have families, while you all enjoy the best; being with your families. You all break [sic] the record as the only company in the world who does not pay your workers. Shame on you guys'.

Nigerian workers at Caverton Helicopters lamented that expatriate staff were paid handsomely in dollars while Nigerian workers receive far less, despite working harder.

'They are paid in dollars and we in Naira, but we work more than them', one of them said. 'Several staffers have been attacked because they leave their houses around 4am. There is no security for us. But they enjoy everything in our country'.

However, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of Caverton Helicopters, Mrs. Doyin Elegbe denied these claims