Jonathan Has No Candidate for Ekiti Guber, Says Minister


Nigerian Minster of Police Affairs, Caleb Olubolade said on Sunday that President Goodluck Jonathan has not anointed anyone for the governorship election coming up later this year in Ekiti State.

Olubolade and a former governor of the state, Ayo Fayose, are believed to be interested in the race to pick the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket for the election. President Jonathan had also, days ago, met with Fayose, which sources claimed was to endorse the former governor.

Speaking after the first church service attended in 2014 by President Jonathan in Abuja, Olubolade said Fayose was not the only aspirant who met with the president, as the president met with all the aspirants in the election. He said the president only announced that the ticket was ready for those who want it and that the aspirants should start preparing for it.

  The Police Minister explained that by the action, the president was conveying a message that he had endorsed anybody. 

  'That means every aspirant can be the governor and that is good for democracy. I think what we need to do is to take it in good faith and learn the lessons that he has offered and use it not to make mistakes of the past so that the election will be free and fair under a peaceful atmosphere', he said.

  'I think he has set the pace to ensure that violence does not take place. With that kind of a meeting, because all the aspirants embraced it and they were happy. That is leadership and I think we should commend Mr. President for that'.

He expressed optimism that the Police would ensure a free and fair election by creating a peaceful environment for the exercise. He said his position on the effectiveness of the Police was because the president had spent more money on the Police than past administrations.

  'We will start to see the effect because the police academy is now a degree awarding institution; young graduates will be there and undergo training so that they will be able to manage the rank and file of the police because they will be better skilled than before', he added.

'And when they are better skilled, they will be able to show leadership and direct the rank and file to do what is right. The national public security communication system that the Federal Government has spent so much money on is coming on stream and they will be well utilised and they will be very helpful in gathering intelligence that will help to deploy the police in the right places.

'Mr. President has graciously funded the police to be able to procure some helicopters. So, the issue of 'we don't have vehicle' or 'we don't have fuel to move around' is over. I see this bringing about better security for the people and the police themselves will now be able to do their work better than before'.