Re: Obasanjo 18-page letter - Whining of a loser


It is unfortunate that a former president of Nigeria that we have so much respect and hold in high regards has disappointed the entire nation of Nigeria by displaying symptoms of a political loser, who whines, complains, boils and does nothing to change the situation.

What is wrong if President Goodluck Jonathan chooses to exercise his constitutional and God's given right by running for a second term in office in the purview of a former president that attempted a failed unconstitutional third term bid?

We tried but failed to comprehend with our dear former President Obasanjo in picking holes against President Jonathan resolute not to interfere with the people's right to choose their leaders in Lagos, Edo, Ondo and Anambra States.  A monumental leap from the past when Obasanjo was president and the peoples mandate hardly saw the light of the day.

Much more interesting to note is that the man who was accused of setting precedent of anti-party activity on this Fourth Republic, by not only refusing to support PDP's Senate President nominee in the person of Late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, but rather rallied the then opposition parties of APP and AD to vote against PDP nominee Late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, is the same one accusing President Jonathan of anti-party for not interfering with the people's democratic mandate.

NDI-IGBO CULTURAL SOCIETY OF NIGERIA wishes to remind Mr. Obasanjo and his co-travelers that if the crisis in the PDP, merging of opposition parties, distraction letters, acts of terror, acts of insecurities and all other acts of strangling or holding the nation to ransom were designed to stop President Jonathan from exercise his constitutional right by running for a second term in office, it had better stop, because none of these can stop President Jonathan from running and winning handily.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Chief Udo Udeogaranya
Ndi-Igbo Cultural  Society of Nigeria