Much Ado about Apo killings' report.


'It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer.'

-William Blackstone (1723 - 1780) British jurist.
Please when solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. If I can reflect back my memory, it was in 2006, that a similar incident happened, whereby six innocent Igbo traders lost their lives in the same way as the Apo 7, also killed two months ago by a combined team of SSS and military personnel. Well, I support the government effort to defy terrorism and overcome it but caution and diplomacy should be applied especially in the present democratic dispensation. We must be thoroughly democratic in dealing with Nigerians irrespective of class..

One important point to consider is this, the victims had been living in that place for more than two years and there was no report from any citizen or neighbours, of any security threat from the squatters. There were also initial reports that, they were charged fines, and that they lived there with the consent of the care-taker and the owner of the building, so why were they killed? Why in the first place were they even attacked, and in the night, and branded as Boko Haram without proper investigation and confirmation that they were actually members of the group? Or is it because they were from the north, Kebbi, Bauchi, Zamfara, Katsina and, Kano? Why is it that the Law enforcement agencies do not stick to their role as stipulated in their book? These questions are begging for answers.

Then, the issue of ASUU, Lecturers are still on strike and some squatters in Abuja are students. With the hash economic situation, most of them have been engaged in menial jobs to supplement their parents earnings. It is high time Mr. President does something about this, and also think of how to compensate them for rendering them idle all this while.

What is more worrisome is how the senate stood the truth on its head by favouring the security agencies, not minding that the innocent citizens were not treated justly no matter the situation, as they were just killed like that. The SSS went further to ban two of the accused persons from entering Abuja for two years and ordered them not to speak to the media. What a nation? But the senate should remember that, all Nigerians have rights and they should be respected..We are calling for justice on this issue.

At this junction, I appeal to NASS to revisit their report for peace, equity and justice to reign. Media, Human Rights groups, Civil society and all stakeholders should make sure they follow this issue to the letter. I also appeal to NASS to come up with modalities to minimize all forms of extra judicial killings, deprivation, humiliation, victimization and intimidation of Nigerians. But it cannot stop us from punishing those who violate laws of the land.

Government should also embark on training and re-training of its security personnel so that they can operate professionally.

Adamu Muhd Usman,
Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa State,