The Rot In The Printing & Minting Company

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If what is making the round about the nasty fraud going on at the Nigerian Printing and Minting Company is anything to go by, then the present management is due for a change and prosecution. ICPC top officers who were also alleged to have collected N10million bribe so as to look the other way should also be investigated as the watchdog must have derailed and needed someone to watch over it.

No matter what fantabulous profit as it was put, N3billion after taxation, said to be made annually by the present management of the near comatose establishment, it should not be a justification for buying Toyota Corolla cars at N10.5million a piece instead of the known maximum N5million market value. And this turnaround of the establishment should not be the basis on which its media consultant Mr. Obi Aniele who is said to have a permanent suite at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja to justify commenting of his boss, Mr. Ehi Okoyomon, as quoted by online publication thus: “since the inception of Mr. Ehi's tenure as the Managing Director of the Mint, the company has moved from the position of a mere comatose establishment with backlogs of debts to a high profile profit-making government establishment posting over three billion naira as annual profit after tax. So why should anybody begrudge a hard-working MD for trying to help himself a little? This is a campaign of calumny by a northern interest group within the corridors of power to smear the good reputation of the MD so as to remove him and replace him with one of their own.”

One seems not to understand what is wrong with most Nigerians and the way those look at frauds when committed and probably because they feel comfortable, knowing that no one in government could justifiable condemn what themselves also practice.

Chief Patrick Umoette
Awolowo Way, IKEJA
Lagos State, Nigeria.
[email protected]

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