Ashley Benson reveals bikini-riffic ‘spring breakers’ audition secret

By The Rainbow

It’s the ultimate Hollywood cliché: Midway through an audition, an aspiring young actress is directed to do it again, this time with her clothes off. But stripping down to win a dream role certainly didn’t seem to bother Ashley Benson. What’s more - her bold move paid off.

The 24-year-old posted a never-before-seen snapshot from her audition for last year’s twisted, beachy crime tale “Spring Breakers,” which she starred in alongside the bikini-clad likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, and a grillz-sporting James Franco.

In the shot, Benson rocks nothing more than a black bikini top and a smattering of dainty bracelets as she mimes pointing a gun toward the camera.

“Found this….. From my spring breakers audition,” she captioned the pic.

] If her mischievous smile is any indication, the starlet is perfectly comfortable in the moment - which is good, considering she spent most of the actual movie in a similar state of undress (though she did don a mask for part of it).

Though she appears confident here, the “Pretty Little Liars” thespian did reveal that (despite her serious fitness regimen) she had concerns about being on-camera with hardly anything on.

“I was super-nervous before I got the movie and I was worried about it,” she confessed in an interview just after she was cast in the role as a college-aged, gun-wielding girl gone bad. “I talked to [director] Harmony Korine about it and he was like, ‘There’s no need to stress out. You guys are college students in the film and nobody has the perfect body! Harmony really wanted us to look like we drank all the time and we partied, because that's what they did, and he didn’t want us to have perfect bodies.”

In other words, even though she doesn’t consider her physique flawless, she’s happy to flaunt what she’s got. And from the looks of this pic … she’s got, um, a lot.

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