Those who live in glass house shouldn't throw stones, warns Mohammed Abacha

By The Citizen

One of the sons of former Military junta, late Gen. Sani Abacha, Mohammed Abacha has advised those who live in glass houses not throw stones, adding that it might be anybody’s turn to occupy the President's seat tomorrow, hence the need to be cautious on criticising the President.

Abacha was fielding questions from State House correspondents at the end of the courtesy visit by the North West Delegation of the People Democratic Party (PDP) to President Jonathan earlier today decried constant criticism of the President Goodluck Jonathan's administration, adding that the country belonged to every Nigerian.

“I will not want to comment on that now, but I think we should all be friendly with each other. Nigeria belongs to all of us, tomorrow he might be the president only God knows and  I guess he would not allow himself to be so criticized. So I believe it will not be fair for some one else to come and run him down, then unfortunately I think we are creating a situation for ourselves in the north which will not be good for us in the future.

“It is simple thing, I simply say those who live in glass houses should not throw stone, that is my position” he said.

Also speaking on the present travails of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Governor of Katsina state, Ibrahim Shema, noted that defecting to other parties was all part of politics.

“Decamping and decamping are part of politics in the history of Nigeria. Since 1999, I don’t know how many numbers of people have left the PDP, came back to PDP, left for another party.

“From what the President said, I believe him. You take a man by his words and he said he is not anti-north. So who are you to say he is anti-north. Objective criticism, fair and descent criticism is acceptable. But criticism that goes to extreme and is not based on facts but based on sentiments is very difficult to explain. But the bottom line is I will appeal to all critics in Nigerian polity, be they in our party or opposition party to do so objectively with the interest of Nigerians at heart”, he said.