Nutritionist advises Nigerians on consumption of Moringa

By The Citizen

A nutritionist, Mrs Patience Pama, on Monday in Kaduna advised Nigerians to include Moringa in their diet, to enhance healthy living.

Pama, who works with the Ministry of Science and Technology, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that Moringa had anti-inflammatory properties that reduced the severity of symptoms of joint pains.

According to her, Moringa also reduces fungal and viral infections, kidney stones and aids healing of injuries.

She said the leaves of Moringa helped relived headache and stop bleeding from a shallow cut.

'Moringa has credible health benefits over a wide range of health issues,'' she said.

Pama said that Moringa contained proteins, vitamins and minerals as an antioxidant that helped to protect cells from damage.

'Oil from Moringa seeds is used as foods, perfume, hair care product and machine lubricant.

'It is a good source of protein, vitamins, amino acid and various phenolics and provide energy without sugar.'

The nutritionist said that Moringa also reduced swelling, boost the immune system and could serve as nutritional supplement or tonic by some people.

She explained that regular consumption of Moringa could also boost body immunity and would provide nourishment to the eyes and the brain.

She advised Nigerians to take Moringa regularly, adding that the leaves could promote metabolism with bio-available ingredients and control blood pressure .

'Moringa lowers the appearance of wrinkles and promotes the normal functioning of liver and kidney,' she said.

Pama advised Nigerians to consume more Moringa to promote healthy circulation system and healthy living. (NAN)