Abuja Group Offers To Sponsor Buruji Kasamu's Fingerprint Identification At USA Embassy

By Society For Rule Of Law In Nigeria (SRLN)

Abuja based non-governmental organisation, the Society for Rule of Law in Nigeria (SRLN) has offered to lead controversial businessman as well as chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State, Mr Buruji Kasamu to the American Embassy in Abuja, for his fingerprint identification to determine who is actually being wanted in the United States of America for alleged drug related offences.

The group, which also offered to fund the exercise, including giving it adequate media coverage, said; "the most honourable step for anyone accused of committing an offence to do is to clear himself, not jumping from one court room to another in search of restraining orders."

In a release issued in Abuja today, by its National Coordinator, Comrade Chima Ubeku, SRLN said; "Science has made so many things easy, and to identify whether or not it was Buruji Kasamu or his alleged look-alike late younger brother that committed the offence in the USA should not be a matter that requires running from one court to the other."

Recently, the Appeal Court vacated an order of perpetual injunction given by Justice Okechukwu Okeke (rtd.) of the Federal High Court, restraining the Attorney-General of the Federation from entertaining or making any order whatsoever in respect of any request by the United States (U.S.) Government for the extraditing of Mr Kasamu to the US to answer charges on alleged drug-related offences.

However, Kasamu had maintained that the alleged offence was a case of mistake identity, claiming the offender was his look-alike late younger brother.

Offering to assist in resolving the issue of who actually committed the offence, SRLN advised Kasamu to make himself available at the USA embassy in Abuja for fingerprint identification.

The group promised to bear the cost of the fingerprint identification exercise, adding that Kasamu should be willing to submit himself for the exercise if truly he has nothing to hide.

SRLN described the Buruji Kasamu extradition matter as a moral burden on Nigerians, especially President Goodluck Jonathan and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, saying; "Controversy as to whether or not the person who was involved in drug business and being wanted by the USA government is Buruji Kasamu or his late brother must be resolved once and for all.

"Therefore, let Buruji Kasamu stop running from one court to the other, seeking to prevent his extradition to the USA to face trial. Rather, he should submit himself for a fingerprint identification at the USA Embassy and we are ready to finance the exercise."